"You hear? Rumor has it there's a traveling undertaker that's been helping folks bury their dead. He's been doin' it free fer everyone. Scary part is, most folks ain't been droppin' dead till he showed up. They say he doesn't even say a word, just gets to work."

"The Gods of Light have fallen from the heavens and cower within caves and under stones! The Gods of Darkness walk Arawyn, bringing misery and suffering and death! The great demon Xualla may have fallen, but the world ended all the same! This is Hell and we are the Damned!"

"I can't take this cold and hunger anymore, I need to go punch a guard."
"How is that gonna help?!"
"Free food and shelter in the dungeons."
"That's the smartest idea you ever had. You hit him high, I hit him low"

"So, if the forests of Selendrias are reduced to ash, can we really call them Sylvan Elves anymore?"

"A priest I know said the angels aren't in Eodra anymore. Wonder where they went."
"I know where they went! That old woman on the edge of town says they live in her root cellar! She even says they help with the chores!"

"Old Man Mills says the forest been creepin' up on whats left of his property. Somethin' funky about the trees lookin' gnarled. Heh, old coot even said one of em was lookin' at 'im!"

"Did ya hear mate? Bloody town guards sold some poor feller out to some slavers last month... I been stickin' well clear o' anyone in a uniform, kingdom or otherwise."

"I don't care if the king says it's legal now... Necromancers practicin' out in the open? Burn 'em all I say!"

"So, last moon, I was in the woods, when I smelled something really good... it was like a summer cookout."
"You should get your head checked, there was too much snow to cook -anything- outside last moon."

"Ah damnit... Spring is coming, that means I am going to have to keep the goat away from the woods..."
"I wish, you can kill a bear an cook it. A bush ate my last goat..."

"Strangest thing's been goin' on lately in the jail... All the prisoners have been real quiet. I don't trust it... Them heroes of Travance, they lock up anythin' they can't eat or make a potion out of. This can't end well."

"It's not a chicken bone, it's the finger bone of St. Aloysius! I bought it from a priest and he said it's goin' ta protect me from harm."

"Trouble is that not only are refugees flooding into Travance, but every manner of hungry monster and creature seem to know where the food is and are crossing our borders in ever greater numbers."

"...The Boar has killed again..."

"They says if you say moat beast three times a moat beast really appears under your tables. I've never worked up the courage myself, I don't even want to know what it looks like."
"What what looks like?"
"A moa.... oh, ya almost got me!"

"They says if you stay up all night you turn into one of those dark elves, an that's hows they made. I guess maybe that only happens to elves though, cause I work the graveyard shift at the docks and I'm pale as snow."

"Did you hear? That Fire Gee Nasi Edwin is claiming that the King of the Fire Giants is his friend."
"Gee Nasi? OH! The Fire Midget that can walk through fire!"
"Right, that guy!"

"What is that guy doing over there, it's as if he has never seen a candle before..."

"The problem with werewolves is not the werewolves themselves, but all of the idiots who think they have been bitten by one in the months following."
"See what I mean?"

"Balfurous shows up and hides, and it snows for weeks. Say, ya think he went away on account of the snow melting?"

"Thank Chronicler, I'm glad I got there in time. They were about to burn the books for warmth, but I managed to save the texts and gave them wood and food in exchange. How much knowledge has been lost in this way?"

"Weirdest thing happened last night. Guy was hanging out near my room in the inn carving a wooden knife. Asked me if I was protected... Creepy guy. I ran inside and locked the door!"


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