"The Boar has killed again..."

"I heard the Count is looking for blood!"
"Dangerous thing to get in his way when he's on the warpath!"

"A Templar of Valos you say? Screaming crazy you say? Is Aradiel Tellinghast returning to town?"

"The supply caravan... It's... Gone. The whole thing. Torched. All the guards are dead. Whoever did it left them impaled on pikes they planted into the ground. They didn't steal anything from the wagons. Just torched the lot of it. Who would do such a thing?"

"I woke up, and it was just staring at me from across the room. It had glowing green eyes, and looked like it was hunched over. No it wasn't the cat! The cat doesn't stand six feet off the ground!"

"I ain't goin' in them woods in Ostcliff no more! They's things in there! Things what ain't shouldn't rightly be! They's eyes always a'watching, and the very trees tryin' to snatch you up! An' don't git me started on the people in there! Ifn's you can even call 'em people!"

"I swear, this weird bird came plummeting down into my yard. Dropped like a stone from the sky! Hit the ground, shook itself off and ran away! I looked in the woods a few days later and found a nest of eggs! Didn't dare touch them, what bird survives a drop like that?"

"I didn't know Ogres ate Eggs. Where can you even GET eggs after all this with Xualla? They mush be some kind of precious commodity or something."

"So if the Dark Clergy and Light Clergy are working together right now, does that mean those bloody Necromancers have to be allowed into the Mage's Guild/"

"Have you seen that bright flash coming from the Inverted Tower every month for the last few months? What do you think that is?"

"Is it illegal to receive aid from a demon if you didn't know something was demonic when you received it?"

"Two dozen of those... heroes. I've never seen them act so savage. Some of them even came under the guise of the church! Monsters.. all of them! Hell Keep was a safer place even with the riots. Butchers.. savages.. monsters. Call 'em anything but heroes.."

"Ya hear? Ostcliff lawless, Kaladonia struggling. All this trouble makes a man worry. I've heard there's a band of brigands running rampant! Walk in large groups, they're mighty fierce!"

"Vandals! Someone tore out all those pages I wrote about that crazy witch lady's 'blood magic' last year! That was gonna be some good stuff for the Chronicle."

"Not a bite or a scratch. And For the love of all gods don't let them touch you. Plug em with an arrow if you can or better yet, run."

"So me and Jasper went to raid the field of a skirmish. It was the darnest thing, no armor or weapons or even loose coin. The bodies were bare bone and covered in slime."

"Some friend you are!"
"I was running to get help."
"You left me to die so you could save your own skin!"

"I'm thinking of leaving."
"Leaving? Like, leaving for home?"
"No, like leaving all of this nonsense. It's far too crowded, every day more and more monsters are welcomed into the land with open arms, and I can't seem to hold any coin anymore. Life has to be better somewhere else!"
"Monsters? What, like those harmless gobos?"
"I was referring to monsters like Orias the likes of that maniac Karkat."

"You ever heard of 'keeping up with the Jones's?'"
"Well, they got murdered in their sleep. I'll not be next, I'm leaving Vallenroe today"
"Was it that Lazagalis guy?"
"Shhhh.... Don't say his name...."

"I wouldn't call having 10 extra loaves of bread a surplus, but yeah we were able to meet the need and them some this week."

"Someone buy my cart! I need more money to give to the church!"

"I'm sure everything will be fine. Xualla's gone now. What's the worst that could happen?"

"It looked like a small puddle, but then my pal stepped in and sank like a stone over his head. When I tried goin in after him the water was only an inch deep."

"I felt the a hand as cold as ice and death reach out and squeeze my heart. If my dog hadn't come barking in and scared it off, I'm sure i'd be a goner."

"You hear about Walter Mills over by the edge of town? Them druids messed his place up real bad. Whole bunch of gnarled lookin' trees growin' up right through his house."


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