"The Boar has killed again..."

"Did you hear? Sailors been sayin there's a powerful rainstorm off the coast o' that dark land to the east. They say it's "cleansing the land""

"Did ya hear about that 'execution'?"
"Yea! Good riddance.. That guy is nuts, but it makes you wonder if the nobility is just lookin' fer ways to kill people."
"Good point, I'm going to stick to my farm and keep my head down.."

"The proper seems to be gearing back up for war! But against who? They're even trying to train those backstabbing greenies!"

"Undead just standing there! Can you believe it?"

"Havin' survived better than most, let me tell ya. Put a lock on everythin' ya have, cuz folks who ain't got nuthin' be lookin' to take what ye have."

"Did ye see the Magistrate's new fancy wig? Guess things are gettin' back ta normal if they're puttin' on their fancy clothes again."

"Aye, they found her sittin' by the big oak near the Great Rift Road on the way out of the Proper. She said a red skinned man had told her to follow him. Demons are still here and they're stealin' our children!"

"Watch where you get your food from. I hear some people are just cooking whatever they can find....and there are lots of rat carcasses around."

"They wait till everyone is asleep, they come into your homes, they devour the children leaving nothing but blood in the morning! I'm not crazy, there is no hope for our future if all our children die!"

"Take my sword, this hero nonsense is not for me! I'm going back to my old life, I don't know how they do it."

"With everything in ruins, everyone is looking to be the next big thing. The tribals are going to vie for power soon, and that means they're likely to show their power by hitting us. What better way to show their strength than to hit the biggest place around?"

"I heard that they don't even hold trials anymore. If the Count don't like you, it's off with your head! He didn't even let the Magistrate get involved."

"What a shame, to see a family torn apart by squabbling over what's left. Maybe we should have let the world end, if this is how we act after the gift of surviving."

"First they arrest two innocent guys who were helping the town, then they execute a man with no trial. The Nobility is really overstepping their bounds"
"Watch what you say, they might execute you next"

"By the time I got out there, the dog already ate half the cow. What's worse is that when we put her down, we found them vines in her fur."
"A damn shame... That's the third story like that this week. Johnathan's daughter tried to bite his arm off the other day, she's locked in her room until they can get someone to look at her."

"Did you see Ravencrest? His face looks like he fell asleep on the Forge."
"Yeah, claims he saw one of those Giants in Pendarvin."

"What?!  You mean they're going to let him go!?  How can it be legal to follow Xualla!?"

"So two months ago we have a squid face here. Last month we have a squid face here. This month? Why not. We've surely pissed of SOMEONE in the Underdark for them to be coming out like that. Maybe that Don Callyard guy is sending them. Maybe he is actually leading an army of those things on Travance."

"So now that all the Reigns are gone, does that mean we'll be seeing a rise in lycanthropy?"

"Let's see, the town has been attacked by demons, undead, trees, giant lizards, bipedal lizards, animated farm implements, swarms of rats, vases, diseases... The list goes on... at this point the only thing that hasn't attacked us are the damn mud puddles."
"You shut your damn mouth!"

"I hear you have to be a Hero to avoid execution... like that madman of a celt. Shameful..."

"Light, Dark, they both want things from you, and what do they give you? Conflict, war, and misery. To blazes with them all."

"Somethin' fishy is goin' on here.  Makes ya wonder.  Who has the power to update the public laws?  Maybe we should start askin questions about them.  Me? I think they're all corrupt."

"So once I saw this gem with a little fairy in it. Didn't think much of it, but now apparently I hear that thing granted wishes! The feller who had it just doubled the size of house, and he's the only one in it."

"With the spring flowers blooming, the forest is growing more lush! ...I'm just a bit concerned about the mist rolling in though.."

"I hear that all the ship repairs are done. Wonder when they'll let us get back in command..."


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