"It's a shame really. I hear the Reynolds had a boy up in Hellock Keep, and it was killed by an angry mob because it had a tail. Strange to have a tail, but it was just a baby!"

"They say the gods are still walking the earth in mortal form. You think that hooded stranger in the corner of the pub is one of them?"

"That's funny... Do you smell mint?"

"What happens when the reconstruction's over? Is it all out civil or religious warring among ourselves again?"

"That Marlowe Three Fingers guy escaped jail! Them heroes better take care of him and his gang or else we're all screwed!"

"The big man, Uhtred was his name, was just sittin down, his swords at his side, with this big knife in his hand. Just sittin there, carving a wooden figure of a bear for me son."

"So he walks up to this big stone that the six of us had been struggling to move along... he just walks up and pours his drink on it. We were all confused as to what he was doin but when we went to move it again the rock slid like it was on ice. I'm not sure what that was, but I'm not sure I'd be drinkin it!"

"Some of the looters are looking to unload the spoils they've gathered since the war, now that people are getting their lives back together. Ghastly stuff, but you can get some good deals, I hear."

"There's a pack of wolves, they're acting strange, and one of them, I shot him dead myself, saw him up and about with the arrow sticking out of him a few minutes later. I barred the door and hid the rest of the night..."

"The drinks need to be stronger, I can still see the glass...and all that blood."

"Caer Bridaeg ... now the loudest settlement in the land. More hammers hittin anvils than even the great Dwarven capitals I'd say!"

"I was walking around near the woods outside Fyrithil the other day when suddenly I was in the woods... because they just sprouted up around me! Trees that would take at least 2 years to grow that big just ... grew right before my eyes."

"Gems they were looking to trade for gems, but the odd thing was they looked through all my gems and just decided to not do business with me."

"Is it me or when that elf came into the bar the temperature dropped a few degrees."

"Haven't seen much demon activity on the surface, I think they're finally gone"

"Odd noises in the night, weird shadows on the walls. I'm scared to go outside!"

"I found this odd glowing rock that I couldn't move in the graveyard when we went and visited grandma's grave. My friend said she found an odd metal ball out in the woods but couldn't pick it up. I wonder what they are?"

"Where did all of those Paladins go? First Ardentfyre, then Crestingstar just ups and leaves. Haven't seen any of the other ones. Guess they took their swords and went home. "

"Kaledonia is ripe for the pickings. Who is in charge now? Oh yes, it's time."

"I swear to the Gods, a shadow on my wall winked at me before blowing out my lantern one night. In my own house no less!"

"I can't quite put my finger on it, but it seems like there have been a few extra students attending morning meditations at the temple in Pendarvin."

"I saw some men digging the other night - wether they were burying, or digging up, and wether it was a body, or treasure, I wasn't about to find out!"

"Something is up in Pendarvin... There's odd colored fires appearing on the peaks at night!"

"I'm telling you, there's some sort of secret cult of assassins running around! They were a serpent on their finger, that's how you can tell who's who."

"All I've ever wanted is peace and quiet. Now it seems like half the world over is all in once place, and that's my back yard."


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