"I swear it was a man!"
"..with bat wings?"
"Yea! I tell ya I'm not crazy!"

"His father, his mother, his two sisters, and him all dead in their sleep. And on the day of his confirmation too, Valos save us."

"Ultimately it comes down to whoever has more swords, and we got em. The others will just have to do what we Travancians say, and like it."

"These undead carry death. Just the other day my son went into town and came back with a nasty cough."

"That Count has been makin' lots of changes.. I wonder why we can't say Cor...."
"SHH!! Don't want to git in trouble do ya!"

"She's gone mad with power, I tell ya!"
"Shut up! You'll wind up in the stocks, or worse!"

"Ain't seem none of them talking vampires for a while. Wonder what happened to 'em all."

"I think Lord Aleister and the other nobles went off partying some where. I wanted to ask, but he locked himself in his office for days when he got back."

"He came out of the shadows surrounded by bone an this knife-ear starts some mumbo jumbo. Never saw a skeleton run around in circles before."

"It was the darkness I swear. He started twitching like someone was beating him silly, then a black hand popped out of his chest afore he died. I ran like hell."

"By the gods they are condescending. Getting upset that we didn't remember what they told us last month. Just because they seem to be able to remember something that happened 30 days ago like it was yesterday doesn't mean I can. I have a life you know."

"I hear if you say his name three times in a dark room, he'll come and turn you into an ogre!"
"What if you're already an ogre?"
"Well, I guess you're safe, then, aren't ya?"

"So... does a Knight Protector outrank a knight of Travance, or what?"

"Yeah, they said he's missing. But everyone's trying to keep it quiet. I think someone might've off'd him finally."

"I swear the wind keeps whispering my name. Yeah on the road near the gypsy caravans. Ever wondered why no one goes there anymore?"

"Lot's of nobles changing positions lately. Wonder why they are all moving around."

"So now only a few people with those Writ things are able to disregard the laws? Guess that's better, but I still don't trust'em."

"All this talk of Church and Excommunication, when are people just going to preach about their God again?"

"Its so nice to have them back again. Sales were down without their coin to spread around."

"They was prepared for an invasion but it turned out to be something like 8 guys with torches. Glad the granary is still safe though"

"I'd be upset that these undead are walking around in the daylight, except some fella sold me a few skeletons that work day n night without rest or food. My fields have never been in better shape. Plus they keep the crows n other pests away as an added bonus."

"I heard there's a book out there that can tell you exactly when and how you're gonna die.. Kinda terrifying to know that kinda thing, huh?"

"I've heard that all of Caer Bridaeg was visited by a huge force led by Dame Emeline, and overseen by both Lord and Lady Blackthorne. There wasn't much fighting, but a green lady was seen chasing someone away from the granary earlier in the day. The town has been very quiet since that show of the might, let me tell you."


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