"...and then the mages take out the barbarians for being so upity all the time, and then the druids take out the mages for being an unnatural bunch of know-it-alls, and then the gypsies take out the druids for not partying enough, and then the guard takes out the gypsies for being a lawless bunch of moochers, and then the rogues guild take out the.... what?! where's my coin purse?!"

"That is the third wagon in the last week that was pulled into the woods... At this rate, merchants will start avoiding ostcliff like the plague"

"The loggers are refusing to go in there. Something about the trees swinging back."

"Oh, that's a cute little book..."

"All I want in this world is to just stuff a sock in the mouth of anyone with an opinion, ya know?"

"They say the rain isn't safe anymore... they say we're poison that needs to be cleansed."

"Fifteen ways that I've done wrong, fifteen ways I'll promise I'll do better. Fifteen songs I'll learn to sing..."
"That's a weird song there buddy. You alright?"
"Huh? What song? I think I've had too much to drink!"

"Whatever happened to Enax? Isn't he still a flavor of bad guy?"

"Green skins from the north gather in a large warband. Board your homes and hire guards if you can."

"He said he was a guard, but I ain't never seen a guard with that few teeth. Ran like hell soon's I could. Good thing too, 'cuz I heard sounds of fightin' behind me. When I looked back, there were a giant plume of smoke comin' from where the wagon was."

"Just you wait, Balfurous will return. And when he does, he'll wipe this whole misbegotten town off the map!"

"Heard that Jack Willard fella's been seen in New Avondale. Heard 'e killed a lass right in front oft h' town guard. When they went to arrest 'im, 'e just grinned, gave 'em a wink and disappeared right afore they're eyes!"

"Do you feel that chill coming. It is strong from the east."

"Hey the moons a weird color, what is that sailor saying about a blood moon"

"One, two, Pes is coming for you...."

"This is not the time for weakness disguised as mercy! The Darkness walks amongst us, not skulking in the shadows, but flaunting its sins for the world to see. Valos demands action! Valos demands justice! The only course is for the righteous to purge the wicked and all who would shelter them from our wrath!"

"I dunno... it just doesn't seem like him. I'll believe it when I see some proof."
"Careful! That's treasonous talk, boy!"

"Heard that Paladin fella has been snooping around Kaledonia. Wonder what he's lookin fer."

"Any news from the west?"
"Not that I've heard."
"Huh. Hope they're alright."

"So, with Silverbow no longer a Mage, do you think Surtur will leave us alone?"
"Who knows, I don't think we can trust him either way."

"So there's ANOTHER bar in Travance? Maybe they serve something better than that Elven crap from the Dragon's Claw Inn."
"Give me a good Dwarven Stout anyday!"

"Glory be to the light that shines bright through the darkest shadow! It's holy sign will purge the darkness from all the world. Even in legal right, the darkness deserves no quarter. Let their vile gods die with them!"

"I've been having these dreams lately... that my own shadow is trying to slit my throat!"


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