"I was just driving my caravan through the field, and the wheels started rotting away, right before my eyes! How am I supposed to do business now?!"

"...and none of 'em had skin, I tell ya!"

"Frozen I tell you. The black carriage rode by and all the candle flames froze in place. Think I can sell them?"

"Hey are you ok?"
"I'm fine why do you ask?"

"Do you think there is anything left of him or is it all the dragon?"

"I swear, walked right up to him in the light of day and punched him out cold. Glad he's been removed from duty though... that guy was not good for morale"

"I'm telling ya, it's the angry ghost of the bears of Kaladonia! Any time we tried to run the mill, it would appear out of nowhere and attack us!"

"*hic* no seri.. Sri.. Seeii.. *hic* seriously. It's like tea... But... Gets you drunk. It's the best thing ever for sneaking a drink at work or without the missus real.. Ril.. Rool... knowing. I mean I just tested some for the blue lady, and you can't tell if drunk at all right?"

"Heard there's gonna be a secret meeting at midnight on the beach. Not sure what night though. How do I know? I guess some people aren't very good at walking around unnoticed."

"I heard some lord is part of a secret demon-worshipping cult!"
"Who is it?"
"I dunno, but I bet he's from Drega'Mire. They have the worst luck with their lords."

"I was brushing my hair, when I heard a knock. I dismissed it at first, but I heard it again. It was coming from the mirror. When I looked in, there was a bloody woman's face staring back at me! It reminds me of that old children's tale..."

"It was just a child looking for its mother. There was something odd about it though. The look in its eyes wasn't quite right."

"Congratulations on the new baby boy, he's the tenth one I delivered this week. I heard that in Evalion they had 12 newborns. We've got some kind of baby boom under way."

"I hear that the traders at Auralion are very concerned about the recent losses of their precious commodities. Guess they might move to greener settlements."

"Have you been to Port Valandra lately? They've got this enormous boat being built. Covered in runes too. It's gotta be a warship."

"Ya think the 'Heros of Travance' let undead walk around during the day? "
"I hear they are taking hearts now. I wouldn't put it past them."

"Ma' saw some bones mov'n 'bout 'round the shop. Says it dun stole the arms."

"I need a paper to do my job now? I can't even read!"
"That's for businesses you fool! Go back to your pigs and leave the real work to me."
"Yes, pa."

"The animals looked so angry but you could see it in their eyes. They were tired. What could cause that?"

"I thought Druids were supposed to help plants grow! Why would he do something like that?!"

"That guy won't accept a single coin for the work he's been doing!  Just asking for a bed and a meal.  Hell, I'd put him up if he'd work for me!"

"Fifteen routes in his mission, fifteen words across my arm..."

"It hurts too much!  I don't want to use this power anymore!  This healing magic is a curse!"


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