“I saw this man weep like a widow outside the light church all day last week. I asked him if I could help, and he said it was too late for everyone.”

“I am telling you, the floor in my house is raising by an inch every day! I only noticed because I tripped the other day going in. I have no idea what to do about it, so I've just been taking a pick and shovel to it, but it’s back breaking and I
am thinking of cutting my loses…”

“My wife insists it's earthquakes, I tell her it's just because she's got one leg shorter than the other, that's why she's always fallin' over.”

“I went to visit dead Aunt Ida afternoon before last, and I swear, that graveyard was frigid, which is unusual given that it's been sunny and warm the past two weeks.”

"Did you hear that down in Ostcliff they're making all the guards kill people in cold blood? They might be criminals but that's too far."

"I've lost my cousin, grandpappy, and now my little girl to kuru. I almost wish we'd starved to death."

“That damn healer made it WORSE! I thought a broken arm was the least of my problems til I met this gent and his friends. Now I can't even see well enough to write this damn warning note!”

"Drown in shadows, child. The night hungers..."

"He kept muttering something about birds. 'Little birds' he said Over and over."

"He said he would make the pain stop.  I couldn't stand feeling what they felt, but now it's worse..  I need to find the focus to fix this.  Can you help me?"

"Every time I looked away and back, scarecrow seemed to move closer and closer to me. Right unnerving it was. Then I saw what looked like red paint dripping from its hands. Only it weren't paint. It were blood. So I got right the hell out of there. I swears I heard it scream in frustration as I ran."

"And he came out of nowhere and clubbed me on the 'ead he did. When I came to he said that it'd be me family next. That the Lords was crackin down on stuffs. Claimed they was looking for treasonists or sumfin"

"Kuru? Never heard of it before last month but now I hear its spreadin like fire. I'll not be goin back to Mordavia thats fer sure"

“Is it my imagination or has the supply of mithral just gone and dried up? I can’t find a supplier anywhere! I would be willing to pay a premium for a bar of it at this point.”

"Something's rotten in Auralion, let me tell you!"

"Where did those vines come from?"

"I keep on seeing this child with a lantern running through the woods at night... something feels off about that kid."

"Couple o' real strange fellas came through the other night lookin' for a room. Had a great big wagon with 'em, all covered up and locked. I tried to sneak a peek inside after they went to sleep, heard all sorts o' growlin' and I swear when I tried to lift the drape to see, somethin' tried ta bite me... Fellers need to feed their damn dogs before they take a chunk outta someone."

"I figured, Hell, there's a shortage of that metal them Travancians are all over; might as well bring it there and make a few coins... Then I saw the broken down trade wagons, blood everywhere and clear signs that who wasn't butchered got dragged off the side of the road... And you wonder why I didn't decide to go to Travance this month..."

I'm glad I don't have to go into the Drega' woods at night. Have you seen them lately? They are getting so wild and creepy, and the animals are getting very bold. I think people are too worried about Goblins and Cults and Nobles to take care of the wildlands anymore."

"Wow.. Dregamire really knows how to throw a party. I think there is one going on in every settlement. Don't know what they are celebrating, and I don't care."

<singing> "But the lenders and businessmen, the clerks and their lord, they only get dressed because they are bored."
"What is that you are singing under your breath? I've been hearing it all over town."
"Oh, I didn't even realize I was still singing it, it just keeps getting stuck in my head. Its something I heard at the bars."

"More rumbling from Honor's Peak... I don't know what that giant is up to, but I wish he would just do it. All this waiting is torture."

"I hear that if'n you write fer the Chronicle, they cart you off to jail fer the nobles ta question ya!"

"I was walking through the woods in Kaladonia, and I swear I heard something laughing at me. I looked around, but nothing was there. I got outta there just as quick as I could!"

"First it was ghost bears, now ghost wolves! I can't keep people around to work the mills!"
"Yeah, but... How does a ghost break a mill, anyway?"

"A barbarian attacked one of the Mages in Honor's Peak yesterday... It's this heat. It's making everyone even crazier than usual..."

"You know she knows.  When you sing?  She can hear it, even from where she is, she can hear each song."

"Sure have seen a lot more papers posted heralding this shop or that butcher... you ask me they just look messy. But I did get a great deal on this glass oil lamp!"

"Y'know, I've had some strange requests lately at my smithy... Bunch of different folks keep coming in, buying up all the chains, manacles and blades I can whip up and I haven't been able to get my hands on a bar of silver round here for the life o' me..."

"What an ugly woman this was...looks like some half-breed in my opinion. Heard her name is Mesha. Probably is goblin-speak for dung."

"They gots this noble in the lockup. Say he's a traitor. Hope they hang em high."


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