"Bloody Jack all dressed in black
Thirteen scars upon his back
Thirteen knives in his red hands
Kills you slowly with a smile
Singing softly all the while
Little birds had best take care
Lest Jack take you unawares"

"They executed some lord from Talenthal for treason and being part of some Balfurous-worshipping cult last feast! They say he was even a confidant of the King himself! Who knows how high up the corruption goes..."

"No... please... I beg of you. Let me go! He's coming! Don't you understand?! He's coming!"

"I heard those crazies that got locked up last month ate one another.....though I also heard they got to the guards too."

"I can't explain it. I only nodded off for a second! How am I gonna tell my wife I lost everything?"

"Frederick is not Frederick."

"I heard some chanting late at night. Sounded like some sort of ritual."
"Well did you go see what it was?"
"No, that's a hero's job..."

"Could sum'ne tell me 'bout that timey-whimey stuff?"
"Jethrow, get back to the fields, you mule. Thinking is just gonna hurt your head."

"I don't know how they are doing it in Stortmouth. Its almost like they are stopping crimes before they even happen. I'm not sure if I feel safer, or more threatened."

"Why do people say there are still undead wandering around in Drega. Other than a few under direct control of people, I haven't seen a single one in months."

"These beavers near the Aris river need to start paying rent."

"Anyone else feel that chill in the air? Feels like the cold touch of death is just waiting to grab ya."

"Don't you get it? Those lyrics are cursed! People don't just find a sheet of lyrics lying around that ain't cursed!"
"You're talkin' crazy, maybe one o' dem bards might buy 'em off me for a fine price!"

"Anyone else feel nervous with all these rumored legendary weapons around town?"

"I just love how it makes me feel, I can't get enough of them. It's like flying, and falling, and a warm bath all in one."
"You're just a sucker for shiny things, it's just a ruby."
"No, not just any old ruby."

"I sweat that dwarf's beard keeps changing colors, is that a thing they can do?"

"Off by the cathedral on Malayan's square, lies a treasure underneath that calls to any who dare. In times passed it was taken, but from deadly sickness it made it back there. The crypt calls to it's brooch, that brilliant piece of flair. It ends hunger, gives riches, but all in despair. For if you keep it for too long, then say this prayer. Take my riches, take my grandson if you must, just leave me to spare. This is the curse, the hangman's gambit, take heed and beware. Nothing is as precious to the crypt as it's brooch, and your life is nothing to it but a short affair."
"That's just a silly old rhyme, aint nothin under Malayan's square."

"Yeah, I saw this weird girl wandering around Fyrithil and into the forests. Never saw her before, but three days after she left they found Clayton's body eaten by wolves. ...Well yes, he was off in the woods by himself... Yes, we do have wolf attacks... Are you saying I'm paranoid?"

"We come here today to put to rest Nathanial Groober, member of the Black Watch of Oringard, devout Valosian, beloved Father and Husband. Murdered in his sleep."

"And he walked away with the pot and left naught but corpses. I mean I heard of a Dead Man's Hand, but that's ridiculous."

"Pure water he said. As long as it ain't muddy it's pure enough for me."

"Heard the brawling circuit must've made it all the way to New Galadron. Vernax must be looking for contenders again."

"The shadows are coming again. Keep a light close by. It will stop them. Please don't let it go out!"

"Anvils and Alchemy in Caer Bridaeg is organizing a toy crafting initiative for the Winter Festivals. All Smiths who wish to participate should send a note with what they can provide"

"Four confirmed dead, some still missing. I'm moving out of Elvalion right this second."

"Mass at midnight for the light church? Sounds odd to me.."


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