"I swear, those trolls were bigger than any I've ever seen before!"
"You haven't seen no stinkin trolls before..."
"Yeah! Yeah! They stank too!"

"Frederick is not Frederick."

"...As we were dancing in the blue, I was synchronized with you, but now the sound of love is out of tune..."
"Since when did you learn to sing like a bard? Did you write that song?"
"Naw, I found it. Kind of haunting, don't you think?

 "It was him. Jack of Nightmares. They say he used to be human, but now he's becoming something... more."

"...and it just ate them? How does something that small just eat someone?"
"I don't know, but I'm not fer trustin outdoor fires no more. I'll stick to me hearth."

"It's old, very old. They say that tablet has some ancient writing on it. They took it to the academy in Caer Bridaeg for safe keeping. Boy I would like to just touch it again."

"Been seeing a lot of hoofprints around lately. Must be a herd of something migrating."

"Every song you sing, she hears it. The powers ebb outward and she feels it. Soon she will be able to come back..."

"Have you heard what happened in the deserts? They say something woke up and the Sultan sent his personal guards out to investigate!"

"Beware the Wendigo. When the snow falls, and the air is cold, their hunger grows. Ever insatiable, ever ravenous."

"Did you hear? Someone broke into the bar's stash again."

"Did you hear about that man going from church to church talking about how he used to be a priest of Malyc? He's saying that we should stop burning heretics! Fat chance of that, there's not much else that keeps me going these days."

"I'm curious, are fire giants active in the winter? Ice giants aren't in the summer..."

"Well what about mountain giants?"
"Mountain giants aren't real people. They are like your cousin with the buck teeth and the enormous ears. Just one look at them weirds people out."

"Miss Primrose is the best hobbit ever! Mommy is she magic? She has to be magic! She brings us food and sweets and she's my favorite in the whole wide world!"

"The priests have started talking again now that Bloodtide is gone. It was good to hear their words, but I don't know if I can restore my trust in the people of Travance so quickly. The priests of the "dark" gods have been preaching too, and their words make some sense as well.."

"Jerky? No thanks, the last batch turned my stomach something horrible"

"Something's wrong with the food in Kaladonia, I hear people are dying from some of the smoked meats there!"


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