"We need to find them before they can be sung. We can't risk her involvement."

"The other day I was walking through Kaladonia, and something smelled rotten, like it had died a long time ago. Not sure what it was, given that everything's frozen at the moment."

"You saw a fire giant in the middle of winter? Yeah right. They probably hibernate like bears. Or the Grumbleguts after a long night of drinking."

"Some odd the barbarian tribes have set aside their differences in Pendarvin. Heck some of the Venier there have abandoned their homeland and are now choosing to fight for Travance."

"The sands have shifted in the West, and an ancient army has issued forth. To what purpose, none can yet tell."

"I almost want to do a tour of the churches of Dregamire to try all the different soups."

"I had such a wonderful time at Sir Cypher's ball! I met the most charming man... Even if only for one night, I felt like I was one of the nobles or heroes."

"I don't know... I don't know what happened. One minute she was fine, the next she walked into a group of people screaming, and then erupted into flames for no reason. I'm guessing it was lucky they had one of them mages to protect the lot, but my wife is... gone."

"I'm telling that stone was bleeding... real blood!"
"How could you possibly know that?"
"I tasted it!"
"That's disgusting."

“I don’t understand. The demons are defeated, why is there still so much death? Will this world never know peace?”

"There is a disturbing shortage of bacon in the Proper."

"Have a good night! Don't let the Insect King bite!"

"And then a damn sword just burst out of the trunk and started floating around the inn and attacking people, all on it's own!"

"Giant Spiders!"
"Aww, that ain't nothin new"
"Yeah, but I ain't never seen em pale like that. Their legs looked like ice and their giant eyes were blue"

"I have never in all my days seen two people take as many hits as Billiamm and Lord Silverbow did in their fight..."

"Did anyone else see someone skulking around in the woods outside of Almiolande? Or have all of these rumors excited my imagination?"

"I'm afraid that something is going to be in the graveyard if I go there. With the dead walking around during the day, I don't trust that there isn't some skeleton man raising the bodies!"


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