"I'm tellin' ye, I were layin' there in my berth, asleep, when I heard the most beautiful voice. I swear the figurehead were singing!"

"I think the druids are trying to sabotage this year's planting season, that's why we still have all this cold and snow around."

"Maybe we need a Moon card to counteract the Sun card. But what creature would that unleash on us?"

"Why aren't there more places in the Proper where a guy can throw away a day's wages on gambling and ales?"

"Free health care in Oringard is awesome. I was a little nervous about how much information they wrote down about me, but free is free."

"Remember now children, if you sneak out at night, the spirit thief will steal your soul away!"

"Crazy dagger eared taffers came in, sayin' me' home was on their "domain"! Well they weren't gonna get much fight outta me -- takes a special sort to claim they own winter. Feh, let that damned farm be their headache."

"So all they do is drink, laugh, and dance? Are they recruiting?"

"...You will know me by the scars I bear..."

"My boy is really sick. He got in a fight few days ago with some crazed thug. Not even a healer has been able to stop the bleeding. I don't know what to do!"

"Seriously, the Lord and Lady are tending the poor personally in Port Vallandria. I never would have believed it till I saw Lady Tartaros treat little Vanessa's rash with my own eyes. She even paid for the creams from the apothecary."

"She broke her what? Doesn't matter, have her go down to the old well up north. My cousin says if you throw a coin in the well, and stick around for a few minutes you'll heal any injury that's not bein dead. Well, even dead if you can git em there quick enough they say."

"The cursed fires in Pendarvin have started again! Tossing buckets of water on it doesn't help it they say. Poor souls are losing their homes, and there aint nothing anyone seems to be able to do bout it."

"MY JEWELRY! MY CLOTHES! EVERYTHING! I came home and only had my furniture left, the guard said they would look into it but they haven't found any leads. I am copperless and can't afford to even live there anymore. With all my family dead in the demon wars, I don't even know where to turn. I'm afraid I might be on the street, and it's so cold."

"He just stood there screaming, I swear I saw it with my own eyes, something was breaking his bones, something that wasn't there."

"So much for those rumors of Surtur burning the world! It's been so cold lately, I don't care what those scholars say about it!"

"Yeah I saw him around here last week too, he was asking around about something called an Ankh?"

"He didn't look right. Got a queer look in his eye when I asked if he was hungry. Just gave me this real slow, toothy smile and whispered 'Always...'"

"Hello, little bird. Will you sing for me today? I do so love hearing my little birds sing for me."

"Of course, discretion for our members is of the utmost importance to us. Not a word shall be spread to those who have no need to know our our organization's activities."

"And then the flowers exploded and everyone started going crazy. No I'm not making it up, but who ever saw a flower explode?"

"Thank the gods the cities of Dregamire are so nice, because the wilderness around them are terrible. If I had to travel between cities, I doubt I'd make it to my destination alive."

"Oringard is just too good to be true. A place can't be that clean and that happy for long. The other shoe has to drop soon."

"I've never seen anything like it! My best cow, gutted, clean empty, nothing left but skin and bones!"

"It's so cold out, even the rats are disappearing."

"I was down at the docks, and this mutt was just following me sorta twitchy-like. I walked, it walked, must've been sick or something, didn't try to bite me though, can't be too sick then."

"The Knights of Ostcliff are always coming around to help us out personally. They really make me feel like anyone can be a hero!"


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