"Did you see what was on the door of the Mages guild that has them all riled up?"
"No, I just saw someone cleaning it."

"Don't sneak out at night or the Spirit Thief will get you!"
"That's just some dumb story for kids in Coast Haven.."

"The demons are coming back! We can't beat the Abyssal Storm!"

"I seen him at midnight every night in the graveyard! I don't think he's there tending the graves though..."

"There has been something scratching on my door late at night mom. I can't sleep anymore..."

"Something smells like cinnamon in the forest west of the Proper. I went to check, and all I heard were some groans, so I turned and ran."

"I heard that all the reports them Lords was gettin' from their settlements about progress was faked, and that someone's tryin' to muck things up."

"Haven't seen much of them crazy folks that's been 'round the past few gatherings, wonder if the winter killed 'em off."
"We can only hope."

"Drakes. I tell you they said the stables were for Drakes. I didn't believe them, but then I saw one of the Knights bringing one to town."

"You seen that new guy moved in down the street? Says he's growing rice. I didn't know you could grow rice here. Always thought it had to be brought in by ship."

"Yeah, I hear they are auctioning off nobles for a date. I wonder if I could get one of the heroes to loan me enough money for one? Can you imagine telling everyone you dated a Knight or a Lord?"

"So it appears some ritualist needs the blood of a barbarian. Now I'm hearing rumors that Travance is hiding their barbarians! What cowards! They're supposed to be heroes!"

"Some looney in black armor said he would help me get revenge on Travance said he would sell me an army. I’ve seen what Travance can do, ima cut my losses and let bygones be bygones… where does one get an army to sell though?"

"Something seems to have the denizens of the underdark spooked. One o' them dark elves booked it out of a cave and didn't even stop to stab me!"

"Those green monsters are coming! I know they are! They're getting into our heads!"

"I don't like it one bit. My boy ain't been sleeping since that creep stalked him in the night..."

"What good is stabbing a corpse? It's already dead! How you thinking to do more just poking holes like that?"

"Been 'avin strange dreams lately, mate"
"Yeah? Bout bugs and dark stuff?"
"Nah! A beautiful woman in the sea, singin'. And a mirror on the beach..."

"He came right up to my house, as bold as you please, knockin' and asking for food. Strange fellow, long blonde hair. Make up too, all smeared"

"A bounty hunter? Took them all down! The Killer Blades gang is done! Too bad there's nastier things out there"

"Start sharpening your blades Ralf, the thaws have come, and you know what that brings..."
"No you idiot. Lizards."

"I heard a crazy cackling coming from over where the Tower is..."

"A woman came up to me yesterday and just SMELLED me... She was dressed all in furs and warpaint... She took one look at me, grunted and walked away. It was the weirdest thing."

"Terrance, you've been up for days... Get some sleep, please. And for Valos' sake, put some pants on."
"Sleep is for the weak mom. I'm training..."

"There are these two children who I see out in the woods near my cabin in the morning. They just stare at me, but if I try to go out and talk to them they are gone!"

"I'm really looking forward to St. Astrid's day festivities. Apparently there is a huge party going on in the Proper with food, drinks and entertainment."

"I got my rutabaga planted and some corn. Still need to get to that lower field and remove all the cow skulls... maybe I'll just pay someone."

"Wow, can you believe that guy who came into Alomiolande turned out to be the Count's knight? And Lord Silverbow got him to come here just to help us out? We must be doing something right around here!"

"Now that winter, and second winter for that matter, is over I am going to go out and look for things covered up by the snow and ice."


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