"I hear New Gaaldron's rounding up all the green skins too shameful to keep, to useful to just throw away and giving um to some bloke named Ravik"

"Yeah I was just taking my normal way home, if a bit later than normal, when some men in black robes turned me away. I saw some fires in the woods near, so I just went the long ways, I'm not one for getting into trouble."

"Kill every bard he told me... refused to say anything about why though. I ain't that stupid to listen!"

"All kinds of strange symbols have been appearing on the sheep down near Culpepper Farms! Do you think there's some kind of weird sheep-worshiping cult around?"

"The goblins have been organizing their hunting parties earlier than usual this Spring. And since when did they ever fight with wolves or spiders?!"

"Thank the Gods that business with the livestock stopped! I thought my entire herd was going to be found dead.

"What ever did happen to all those crazies around the town? Hey, why you looking at me like that?"

"I was sneakin' around last night hearing some fella talk about a vault. Musta been crazy because he was begging for dragons to give him a key."

"Spring is in the air... that means one thing.... "
"No... warm weather. And giants... pissed off giants."

"Anyone else hear those four strange people talking about supreme energy beings and problem solving?"

"Found a weird offering in the forest the other day, some poor woodland creature completely flayed and spread out, with weird things painted on its carcass I didn't understand. I ran away before something bad happened."

"Saw me a new card game being played the other day, looked expensive to buy in, but hoo boy was that ever a large pile of gold for the winner."

"I'm tellin' ye, twas the most beautiful singing I ever heard."
"Yeah, but what did she look like?"
"Wet, wild hair and scales on her face. Her beautiful, beautiful face..."

"I heard that not all the inmates that escaped that place were friendly. Some were deadly murderers and haven't been found yet...."

"I hear that fight promoter is offering a diamond if you win his tournament. I don't know if I trust any 'competition' where someone can get hurt though..."

"I hear there is a demon in the Tower again. This one though feeds of the sins of people that come in looking for him. Your only escape is through song..."

"There's something looming in the world that is making my skin crawl. I don't know what, but it feels like things are different and not in a good way."

"Who cares bout whatever imaginary who'sits whatevers, the nightmares are gone, aint they?"

"Are we going to die? Ever since the other week when I woke up in my field, I've been having really bad dreams. Had one where I got attacked by a wolf and when I woke up, I was all carved up.. nearly died!"

"Im not lying that bloke in black armor said he will sell us as many men as we want, CHEEP too, so long as we raid folks around travance"

"Gods it's so lovely in the proper. . . over in Ostcliff there's still frost on many trees in the forest."


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