"That Foxglove's a nutter!"
"Aye that he is but have you seen his bargains!?"
"All the junk he's selling is coated in blood, vomit, or worse--"
"But I got an entire mirrored armoire for 5 silver."
"Hmm that ain't half bad."
"Aye-- ties the room together and it only makes the sounds of children singin' at night, under a harvest moon."
" . . . Still 5 silvers a bargain."

"Someone rented the Blackbird? Owner says no one is allowed in while the guy is there... That's a lot of money he must have had to put out!"

"I've never seen someone so eager to get to Travance - seems ready though, in that beautiful armor of hers."

"The animals around the Proper just aren't right lately. The other day, I saw a squirrel riding on the back of a boar."

"That man who comes to town selling all manner of odds and ends....Morgan was it? Where do you suppose he gets all those 'goods and services' from anyhow?"

"Ye don't s'pose there could be anythin' else out there the likes of Xualla or Balfurous do ya? I mean, c'mon, two world-ending powers like that, surely whoever is provoking them to attack Travance must be running short on those sorts of minions."

"Yeah, I gave it to him. After the demon wars, and the like I got used to people asking for my blood. Do you think he wanted it for... less than reputable reasons?!"

"One drink and you will have the greatest luckiest day of your life. Two drinks and you will fight until you or everyone else is passed out. Three drinks, if ye can manage it, and you'll turn into an ogre."

"The King just ordered several thousand gold worth of Stone and Lumber to be sent to the capital... biggest order ever placed... I wonder what he's building?"

"Hands down the finest sword in the world, and all the smiths agree. Mind you, I've had to stop letting them hold it. Greedy little bastards."

"Funny, that bar of metal looked real valuable. Can't believe there's not a smith in town who knows how to work with it..."

"aint nothing more dangerous then soldiers who know they aint going home"

"Did you hear they caught Jack Willard?"
"I heard that, but then I heard he murdered an entire contingent of armed bodyguards in Loez just to take out some high ranking merchant, then two days later an entire family of stonecarvers, just for fun!"
"I swear, he must be some sort of demon! It ain't natural how he can do all these things at once."

"I hear if the living go to Evernight they just die on the spot. Can you believe they're talking about people living there?"
"Worse, you believe they're talking about going there?"
"Talkin' bout sending our people?"
"Yeah. Them heroes... were all doomed."

"I came across this little shack in the woods the other day. All these growling and hissing, and moaning noises were coming out of it. I was going to see if anyone was in trouble, but when green smoke started coming out of the chimney, I bolted."

"She was singing something under her breath when I passed her by. Something about her sins being the death of her. When I asked if I could give her Valos' blessing, she turned white and ran away. Curious..."

"Whats a Homunculus"

"I hear those kelts even got Lt. Grimm singing..."
"yeah that musta been a sight"

"Key to a dragon's vault? That's insane!"
"Could you imagine the treasure?"
"Bah! Could you imagine the traps?! No way!"


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