"His body were all carved up! Like steaks! That's messed up, man."

"Heard some new folks in town had some serious coin and goods to trade. Glad we're finally seeing some merchants that aren't either run of the mill or trading in ridiculously rare, overpriced nonsense."

"The snake shed her skin."

"They... They were spiders! Made of PEOPLE! With all the extra arms and eyes and oh gods, no! They're coming to get me! THEY'RE COMING TO GET ME!"

"Gods of Light, my dog is STILL finding goblin bodies out in the woods! I need pheasant, not green ham."

"Pendarvin is the place to be right now if you like a good party. I keep hearing all these stories about this festival in Honor's Peak or that festival in Alomiolande. How the ale is flowing like a river and Surtur effigies are burning all over the place!"

"Seems like everyone is marching towards Ostcliff these days!"

"I keep hearing this beautiful song about briars and embers in the woods outside Inovar. She sounds so sad, though..."

"Artificial people, impossible... and even if they were what he claims, that's some new form of blasphemy there."

"I heard about some loony from across the rift trying to buy objects that were used by the heroes of travance, they say he has every book about this place, old clothes worn by adventurers, even a bit of scrap metal that was gathered from Lord Gideon's forge... this crazy collector is paying a LOT of gold for it too."

"I heard about this crazy party in Coast Haven."

"Seven songs sung... Time is running thin.."

"Last night it rained and I swore it had a slight glow to it. This morning I went out and checked, my crops grew bigger than ever!"

"What do you mean he wants to BUY Travance"

"She was the most beautiful woman I ever saw, everything about her was perfect... she was a bit pale though."

"You'd think having defeated a Lord of Hell, we'd get a reprieve with the weather..."

"Did you see all those colored lights in the sky over Culpepper farms? They sure were pretty, but they make me nervous, too!"

"There has been a lot of building activity going on in Kaladonia, guess that will happen when your Lord follows Brazen."

"They're offering how much for gems at the Blackbird? What do they need with 'em?"

"So they caught Jack Willard again but let him go? Even though he was torturing someone when they found him? What the hell kind of messed up justice system do we have in this town?! Don't we pay the guards to STOP this from happening, not let it continue?"


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