"Looked like wolves. . . then we saw the gnaw marks. . . That wasn't a beast. Andorra's Mercy, what is the world coming to?"

"What the hell was that all about last moon?! Murderers everywhere!"
"How is that any different from normal?"

"Some fella up in Kaledonia done got hisself in some trouble. He were strung up in the trees with ropes like webs and had carvings all over him what looked like spiders if you could get close enough. Sure wouldn't want to mess with whoever done that."

"They say that everyone is susceptible to Sin. The only question is, which one are YOU."

"Did you notice the smoke coming from Honor's Peak? I can't tell if the volcano is pissed at us or someone set something on fire..."

"Why is Pendarvin sending people to train Ostcliff's military? Are the people of Pendarvin that bored, or is something else going on?"

"I heard Captain Jun has been out on the seas for days now, trying to find out where his shipments have gone."

"Was it just me or was it raining slugs last night?"

"I"m not sure if I should be scared or not. The paladin built me a shelter in my basement and showed all my neighbors, too, but he said it was just in case. We're always being invaded by something - what's got a paladin so spooked he's building hiding places for everyone?"

"Oh I dunno, some weird guy in black was asking about a shipment."

"Did you see all them fancy folk in their finery riding through Elvalion? I heard they were Visigal... Visigil... Folks who worship that new god."

"They found the cow all ripped up in the forest outside of Fenrick."

"You have not partied until you have partied with Nyads!!"

"So what's the real difference between a DARK druid's grove and a LIGHT druid's Grove."
"Uhh.... they don't call it a light druid grove..."
"Wait, so how can you have dark and not light?"

"They say that she burned her house down."
"Not intentionally, she kind of just... well... exploded..."

"Three overlapped crosses...what in Valos name does that mean?"

"It's like the calm before the storm, and that storm is going to kill us all. The shadows have eyes. There's blood on the horizon."

"You want stones?! Don't ask so loud! Here, follow me into this quiet corner..."

"Wait, HOW many of those psychopaths did the heroes let go?! Seriously?! What good is a hero if they're just going to let murdering bastard live and continue to kill?!"

"Coast Haven exports have taken a huge hit...how will people get their booze?"

"Is this the day I've been dreaming about for so long? Can't be, there shouldn't be any food left. I pray my visions are just nightmares."


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