"I heard Capt. Jun's ship got attacked! Is he okay?"

"The Barrels .... they be rollin' again and business is booming!"

"I saw a mysterious eagle flying through the forest."

"This Fostern guy has a lot of nerve. I paid almost double for my beef this month."

"The Halfing's over in the shires are all smitten, I heard she is absolutely beautiful!"

"Some thief in Ostcliff paid a fortune for a map, turned out to be a fake."

"The underworld is abuzz with these bounties on town's folk, some real skulduggery going on!"

"The flayed dog is watching. Our time is drawing to an end. Rejoice!"

"That's a fine hat there, friend. Couldn't help noticing, but it looks a bit worn. Ever consider a hat from the Jankins haberdashery? Imported all the way from Londwyn, made out of the finest materials. You'll look so good, you'll be able to escape a paladin's wrath, scot-free!"

"Come to me, little birds, come to play with ol' Jack..."

"Boy, Travance can start the fight but they just can't seal the deal, can they?"

"'Oye man I know I drink a bit but I was sure I saw a clown lookin thing sitting on the side of the road. Turned around and it was gone. I swear it was right there, and it was big"

"I hear that a town to the west of the proper is disappearing under something...."

"So I was walking through the woods an' I thought I spotted gold, just turned out to be this silly playing card with a small child playing on it. At least I got a few gold from that pale fellow for it."

"What do you mean all out of milk? How can a dairy farm not have any milk? Curdled? That ain't makin' no sense boy"

"A thousand years or more ago, when Arawyn was brand new. Messengers of the divine, spoke in riddles and on wings flew."

"Death is coming."

"That forest has been... silent... Did Birnum actually succeed?"

"Those Pendarvin guys are still hanging around in Ostcliff. Did you ever think you'd see those two lands working together?"

"Was it just me or was it raining slugs last night?"

"This house Indigo is doing great work with Lord Victor in the Proper, if they keep this up they're going to be a real force for prosperity."

"Have you heard of the mysterious musician? He is rarely seen, but always heard. Rain or Shine, his music waftes from the rooftops and fills the streets and the docks of Port Valandra."

"If you don't have the cash, can you make your way to Port Valandra? Cutty's Apothecary won't overcharge you, and will work in trade. They treat everyone well, and their skill is top notch."

"Are we sure the Guard aren't secretly a construction company? First they build us all these shelters, and now they're rebuilding the jail."

"Saw the oddest thing the other day. These two skeletons just sitting in a field holding hands. Was like they were having their own little Picnic. I swore the one plucked a flower out of the ground and handed it to the other."

"Met the strangest man will spoken polite, just pale, I mean really pale, not like an undead he was alive just not like any of the natural races I seen around these parts..."

"Some Nutter tried to but Travance from the count last feast till the nobles finally threw him out."

"Lot a talk about the black knight... Thought we killed him."

"I don't know what to tell you, but yesterday it was a prison cell in a pile of rubble, now there is a clear path from the front door to the cell. I don't think anyone's come by to do cleanup yet."


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