".... Did you hear Lord Alistair was touring the Stortmouth farms with some Lizard Kin? You don't think he's going to give them the farms do you?"

"Did you see what Pendarvin is doing? It looks like there are creating some sort of colored lights, said it's supposed to protect us. How the hell are a bunch of colorful lights supposed to protect us?"

"Hey did you see that large spire in the distance a cold chill blows from its direction, looks familiar but I can't place it."

"Weird alot of wild mages been attacking the town. Surging left and right don't we have laws about consorting with dark forces. We should gather them all up and execute'm. They are all in cahoots."

"Are you lost? Are you hated? Do they fear your heritage? No longer She will accept you, you are special. They are the monsters!"

"Lately we been too afraid to leave the farm after dark. We keep seein' things movin' around the woods out near the old silo. I wonder what they could be after?"

"This time of year, I always get to thinking 'bout my departed friends and relatives. Always wondered what we'd do if we got to see each other one last time."

"Who is this "Red Guardian" that the children of Stortmouth are all taking turns pretending to be? Before that healer came through, I had never heard of him."

"My name is Belberith!!!"

"So they attacked that rich loony and he went straight to the guy selling armies, now we got another fight on our hands...thanks heroes"

"Two fellas came up to me the other day asking about a gem with water in it. Told 'em I didn't know about no water gem. How do you get water inside a gem anyhow?"

"What qualifies as "alive""

"A thousand years or more ago when Arawyn was new, a tree of death and rot sought bodies out then slew. And so it came to pass the plague had won and now began to show. Who would now be the savior and strike the killing blow?"

"I swear it. A shining creature. The hunter slit it's throat, and sure as it were, he found himself dead on the ground and that thing just walked away."

"Last week cleaning out my boys trousers I found a note from the Larson's girl. Said she wanted to run off to Caer'Bridag with Tom the blacksmith's apprentice. Didn't her parents just give a dowry to the Devlins?"

"Saw this strange man in the forest near Elvalion. I could have sworn he had vines growing out of him. I tried to follow him, but he was just... gone!"

"No I ain't been drinkin, I swear I saw a giant tree walking around in the woods!"

"Weird whispers coming from up north. Something about a Barbarian mother...?
Hey! Watch what you're saying about my mother!
What?!? Oh nevermind..."

"Any idea why a group of dwarves are digging in the Proper? I asked their leader and the grunpy fella said something about some bug god. Then he told me to move along."

"Did you hear about the robbery in Dularn?  One of those Valosian Cardinals found a skeleton standing in the middle of the street.  When he pulled out his holy symbol to scare it off, the thing charged at him, snatched it out of his hand and ran off!  He snatched it IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!"

"Did you see that Tanwyn Trading is giving discounts to guardsmen?" "No, I didn't see that." "Well, it was really tiny print, ye ken. Maybe it's just for halfling guards?"

"I heard he doesn't care anymore! How are we supposed to look up to someone like that?!"

"He's coming. The Lord of Tears. The Harbinger of Nightmares. He is here..."

"Heard that Crux fella killed a whole family in Glangsdale. Left pieces of the parents as a trail. Guards found the children dead at the end of it."

"My shoulder really hurts, nothing seems to fix it."
"Let me see..."
"NO! That's okay, it doesn't even hurt that bad."

"I've been hearing this awful cry at night, it makes me weak in the knees. Nearly fell into a ditch the other night."

"Suzy said that Herert said that Thomas saw old poor widow Wittlesby snooping around Alexander's farm the other night. What a scandal!"

"Such a nice young man. So very polite too! If a bit old fashioned. They just don't raise them like that anymore."

"He didn't say where he was from, just that he had a mission for the Adventurer's Guild. Some kind of vendetta."

"Funny fella was telling me that folks should sing more. Weird fella with a weird name, Day..varr.. something or whatever."

"The first step of the Easten Trade Road has been complete! The bridge over Hope River will be the next step in the Seneschal's ambitious plan. The primary foundations are already set, but if there's enough effort, we might have a simple bridge before Winter."

"The prison in Travance has re-opened. The only thing more eerie than an empty prison is that one prison cell in the basement."


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