"There's a clearing a ways outside of Niedrilion that's completely gone to rot! The surrounding forest is find, though..."

"A Mother's love never dies..."

"Seems its a bit safer to cross the rift nowadays - on one side of it anyway. You know the little town Altrion on the Kormyrian side? Hear tell that the crime rate's gone way down. Almost as if all the low-lifes have just up and left!"

"Some person who was chosen. Donny know what they were chosen for but he seemed really worried."

"Me wife's taken with ague, and none o'the Healers can seem to cure her!"

"I hear that Jed's days are numbered. Antrim Ardentfyre is comin back to do what he shoulda done years ago. Good riddance to that shack he calls his home."

"I did what they said, "got real big, made noise, and backed away slowly." That giant bear looked at me like I was an eejit. Weirdest frickin' thing it had a pack o' dire wolves with it."

"You feel that cold front coming in. Been building for the past week seems to be getting worse. Ain't gonna let up anytime soon. Winters coming here early"

"Did you see that thing in the woods?"
"Yeah, seems a bit early for all that ice. Also did it look like building to you?"
"Trick of the light, I suppose."

"My suggestion to you is to get all your valuables in the bank as soon as possible. Something big is supposed to go down soon."

"The rain.. It started raining and he walked into the woods.  How could he survive when all those folks was dying?"

"Did ya hear about ole Leon? He says he done got captured last night, and had some 'experiments' done to him. He says he's no longer able to do all that finger wigglin he normally does, my guess is he's gone full senile and forgot how. No wonder he let bandits take him."

"One two, Jack's coming for you. Three four, better lock your door. Five six, don't you fall for his tricks. Seven eight, don't walk alone when it's late. Nine ten, never seen again..."

"Haven't slept in days. Keep having nothing but nightmares ever since I saw that thing in the woods the other day and passed out. It keeps appearing in my dreams, always hovering in the background somewhere..."

"Whispers in the dark. I fear I'm going mad. Always whispering..."

"Y'know, there's this statue I just noticed while workin' on clearing out some overgrowth near the road just outside town. Had this real weird lookin' statue. Felt like it was watching me; haven't had a good night sleep since."

"Boyo paid a pretty penny I heard for those adventurers to go diggin' in the den o' the fierce Night Blades...  Must be desperate for something!"

They say the Adventurer's Guildhall got infested recently. Brain-eating bugs or some such that look like gold pieces... Travance really needs to go back to the silver standard like everywhere else in the world..."

"I kid you not, this loony Romani tried to pawn off his daughter to me for three goats and a chicken."

"Did you hear it when you slept. I swear I did on the winds. 'Hush little baby don't say a word. Mother's gonna buy you a mockingbird."

"I keep having a vision of this creature nailed to a chair and burning. Wonder what all of the burning snake skins mean."


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