"My baby girl went missin' one night a while back, the next day they done found her all tore to bits, nasty signs carved in her skin, her eyes was removed, and parts of her were burnt. I hope whoever did this pays, because I'll pay whoever gets revenge."

"The other day I was hanging me wash out on the line to dry, and this small caravan rolled past, and came to a stop. Several sparkly folk got out, and tried to remake all my laundry into new garments. They kept wrapping things around me, measuring parts of me and mumbling, they bought some of the clothes, and gods know we need the money, and they rode away arguing with themselves."

"Are we finally done bein' attacked by demons? I thought those heroes of Travance put an end to it, but I still see shadows that make me jump, and people still claim to see....things."

"What's this I hear about Sins attacking Travance? How is that possible? Are the Virtues supposed to be next?"

"A little word of advice... If you find a child that even has the HINT of Psionic capability, be sure he gets proper training. You don't want to be cajoled into giving him candy and toys all the time. My coinpurse can't keep up with mine anymore."

"There is word of movement to the north. Seems the barbarians grow restless with the dying of the sun."

"The nightmares just won't stop. And in every one, that THING appears Laughing at me. At my helplessness. Gods take me, if only it would STOP!"

"I could not help but take notice of that fine instrument you're carrying. Shame if something were to... happen to it."

"That laughter... it's following me everywhere. Used to just stay to the forest, but now..."

"She died, and the healers could do nothing! Some heroes!"

"A tree will fall. A new god will rise. Despair and rejoice!"

"Man, I wish I had a Wild Mage of my own. My cousin says having one support basic tasks makes his life so much easier."

"The apothecary in Port Valandra finally reopened. Its so shiny and clean. They are offering amazing discounts for the grand opening too. Maybe I'll finally go see a doctor.."

"Why would anyone want to go to a doctor right next to a funeral home? Isn't that just suggesting the doctor loses patients."

"Dunno... I think forcibly breeding Drakes goes against the natural way of things."

"I know its stupid, and I'm glad everyone is kinda back on their feet, but I miss the soup kitchens you know? That was some good soup."

"The building of the towers started in Honor's Peak. Eh, I guess if it's not magic and it's there to keep us safe, what could go wrong?"

"That was a beautiful wedding... but the party that spilled into the streets after? The Blood and Beer sure knows how to host a wedding!"

"Maybe we'd stop having men stab themselves in the foot if they trained us better 'round here. I'm afraid what would happen if we ever faced a real fight."

"Have you seen all those folks gatherin' in Mordavia? They keep sayin' somethin' about a many-faced god."


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