"...and then things just got very quiet very suddenly. Not like nobody is talking quiet, like I was shouting and nothing was hearin quiet. To be honest I only just noticed sounds again because you asked."

"It's simple, you just kill them. Kill them, kill their family, kill their friends, kill their dog, kill anyone who even looks at their dog. Then the problem goes away..."

"You came here from Vindholm? Tell me, was that show as grand as other travelers have been saying?" "IT WAS INCREDIBLE! The stunts, the fire, the sword-swallowing - I just wish I could remember the name of the troupe. The Wild Ones, maybe?"

"Is magic a religion now?" "It's all finger-waggling to me, mate. Either way those magic monks saved my arse from a Troll last week."

"Heroes are leavin', eh? Bet there'll be some niiiiiice easy pickings to appropriate while they're away."

"Wonder if there's any girls on the island. All bronze skin, soft curves. Clothing made of grass and coconut shells... If you need me, I'll be in my bunk."

"Aye! I heard that someone squawked and let the some folks in Faust know we were headed to uncharted territory.  Pirates'll be clammerin' at us fer months over this!"

"Time to stock the grog, lads! We'll be sailing afore ye know it, and every man Jack of us'll need to be well-lubricated for the journey."

"Everything's getting all fixed up real fast all over Travance... Everywhere but the Proper, that is. The heroes go on a cruise but I still don't have a roof over my head? Where's the justice in that?"

"Hey, who's that chef you have down there in Kaldonia? The tall lanky one who's always feeding them that have nothing?" "You mean Elric?" "Yeah, him! Do you think he would give me lessons? I ain't never met a finer chef this side of the Rift."

"I never seen so many sails in my life. It's like giants hung their laundry out to dry."

"They're abandoning us! Don't listen to what the Baron said! Just like always, when trouble comes to Travance, the so-called heroes and nobility turn tail and run. Now, they're headed off to a sun-drenched paradise. I hope their boats all sink."

"How tall is a dwarf? Like when does he stop being a tall dwarf, and when does he start being a hairy Kormyrian?"


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Rudolph: "How long has it been since you were last in Travance?"

Orias: "7 years or so."

Rudolph: "That would have been when Klarington Everest was Baron, was it not?"

Orias: "I murdered Klarington Everest."

Rudolph: "How awkward. Allow me to change the subject."

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