"Did you hear about that old coot?!? Runnin around yellin' about old, glowing books? Ain't he got better things to do like help us finish picking up the pieces when we had to run. Pfft, what a loon!"

"You hear bout Lil Ang'?"
"Aye, tha' smith's daughter went missin' didn't she?"
"Aye, shame dat is-- them Nulls probably got her."

"I heard there was some hobbit with a staff twice his size looking for "sword wielders". Not like we don't have a bunch o those in Travance."

"That nice young man with the books was back again. Such good manners! A bit old-fashioned, but he was no nice with his tea and books."

"I thought I was gonna get mugged! But instead they pulled out a flower and wished me a happy St. Astrid's Day. That was weird, I can tell ya."

"They just shambled along, killing everything that came near them! A whole horde of the rotting bastards! I hid in the cellar with the wife and kids so they would pass us by. Our neighbors... not so lucky."

"The Nulls couldn't have gotten all the pigs. Someone somewhere has to have some bacon..."

"Why don't the druids do something 'bout this weather? I'm tired of this warm temperature snow we're having."

"Not all the spirits have moved on after the Null attacks, several of 'em accosted our resident priestess of Galladell the other day, damn near killed her. At least, that's what she said they were."

"Did you hear the supposed accounts from those farmers on the boarders of Alisandria? They say they saw a dust cloud as big as a city on the horizon. What the heck is on its way to kill us now?"

"Them Lizard men be comin' from all directions, large wagons, barges, and sleds they must be plannin' somethin', but I ain't think lizard men were smart enough or united."

"I heard that fancy Lord Elf from Quinaria may be coming back, says something about how the quaint town if Travance been so accommodating. Apparently there is some famous entertainer with him. She has a musical name."

"I don't trust that ale, I saw ole man Cooper vomiting after he drank it.
Yeah, that happens when ye drink that much ale."

"Nine times out of ten, goblins mean war. One time outta ten they mean sell yer wheat."

"I'll take the lot of them, and everything else anyone else is selling. I need to buy up as much as I can."

"Hey, quick question: You ever hear of a 'fun elemental'?"
"...You been drinking again, Albert?"

"So... what happened? Did they conquer that island, or what?"

"The Squire's friends have been busy cleaning up the fields around Vindholm. They make the skies light up at night... it's probably best not to ask how. Less of a headache."


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