"I don't know what it is... haven't been hearin' owls out much lately."

"So many more people from the Proper came to help us in the Crossroads this moon. We were a bit shocked; we usually feel forgotten. But, this time, it feels like we might be getting the help we need in the coming months. It makes us feel a bit safer."

"Work, work work.  Why can't I just kill for a living?
"....I mean like the adventurers!  Not people!"

"I bet you three whole silver that Mary Ann will actually show us!"
"That ain't no fair bet!  She likes you!"

"Bah, working together? They just came for the money. Hell, as long as it gets the job done..."

"I just don't get it. Weather seemed fine, but my crops are scorched. Ol' Winston said the fire burned so hot it was almost white!"

"You needin' somethin'?  I supply only the finest goods!"

"What was that guy's name again?  The fancy guy who hated elves?  He seemed like a fun chap."

"Dem boys in the town guard look mighty tough.  Bet they could scare the bajeezus outta Lester if they ever caught him stealin' those rolls!"

"You flatter me, but I am here for business, not pleasure."

"Saw a tree-man runnin' around the other day, looked like he was writing on trees.  Those druids are funky folk."

"D'you hear that Carl finally got out?  Been a long time comin' fer sure!"

"Days have been gettin' longer, looks like."
"Well, the solstice is comin' after all."
"I dunno, somethin' ain't right about it."

"Truthfully, I came here to learn about the arts of magic!  I was told Travance had the strongest mages in the world.  Even greater than that of the high elves!"


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