"Other day, saw this wagon was full of expensive lookin' clothes, but there was no rhyme or reason to it at all... looked like it was headed toward Travance Proper, but I couldn't see anyone at the reins directing it."

"Found a dead body the other day, was really a gruesome sight. Guts torn out, bunch of marks on it we didn't understand. Brought it to the cemetery to be put to rest, hope it's not something to worry over."

"It just tore through my house without a word. Everything gone in it's wake. My children, my wife, just gone. Tried healers and priests. How do you fight nothing?"

"This fellow walked up on me when I was drinking and said he'd give me whatever I wanted if I paid the right price. So I said I'd give him a drink if he could make Gillie fall in love with me. And sure enough she hasn't been able to take her eyes off of me, even when I'm asleep! How lucky am I?"

"Have you seen everything going on in the proper? The smells, the colors, everyone is so cheerful! I even hear Old man Varin is going to be bringing out is special mead for the occasion, the stuff is so strong he claims it'll even give a Satyr a hangover!"

"I am moving to Culpepper Farms! There are so many adorable puppies there! I want to get one and name it 'Arfdin' after the Lord!"

"Is it just me or is everyone in Kaladonia hung over? I swear someone in every settlement yelled at me to stop breathing so loudly."

"Heard a loud horn call the other day in the forest, and several trees came down. Looked like a few people were chasing something through the forest. I just went back to pickin' me berries."

"This horrible shadow has been scooping up people in the night, it just envelopes them and then the shadow and person disappear. No bones, so they aren't being eaten. Even the rangers are confused at the lack of tracks. What are we going to do?"

"Have you seen the fella lighten fires every night in the old cemetery? That place hasn't been used in years, what's he all about?"

"...then he said something about our sacrifice to the grand rite being noble or something. A bunch of us ran then and there, and I don't think any of us are going back. Aruspex has gone off the deep end."

"My boy, Alex, has gone missing! He was training to be a hunter, so it don't make much sense for him to vanish like this"

"Those white fires keep popping up. Even the rain isn't enough to put it out! What am I going to do with my crops?"


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