"Heard scratchin' comin' from underneath the house. We built the house on solid rock."

"And just like that, the instant the sun set, every cow in the meadow dropped stone dead."

"Smashed and gone, every last bit of it. Silo was destroyed, now we ain't got no food fer winter."

"You hearin' that whistlin' noise lately, or is that just me?"

"They found the bones, picked clean almost overnight. Shame, she was such a nice girl."

"Whoa... I know there have been heroics out of the Winged Victory before.... but now they bring good coffee. Someone should give them a medal."

"I hear some mysterious figure has been beating up slavers and leaving them for the guard all around Port Valandra. Good for them."

"It ain't natural... what's doin' this killin'.  Somethin' was behind it, somethin' even those heroes might not realize!"

"I'm glad they finally started taking the corpses of the destitute and homeless people who died in the back streets. Though I never saw them do it..."

"It was the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. He was just hanging there, quiet like, a small smug smile on his face. Blood dripping from the hooks and pooling on the floor. What kind of a person worships a God or Goddess like that?"

"Well if it exists, I hope it gets you first.."

"All the animals have been skittish, running from the slightest sound. I swear, it's like they know something we don't."

"Ever seen a deer look like that?"
"You mean all dried out and brittle? Can't say I have."

"I swears to ya, I saw it with my own eyes, and I weren't drinkin' neither. Ol' Nan was walkin' down the street and her shadow just turned and walked the other way."

"I don't know what that stuff was, but boy howdy did it taste good! Looked like swirling storm clouds in the bottle and that was certainly a strange little fellow offering free samples."

"Do you like my painting? I made it in a class at the new health clinic in Stonefall. I needed that class after I saw those undead with bows carrying building supplies around town."

"What do you mean you need a certain kind of card to check out those books. . . ?"

"Is it just me or are the bards more off-key than usual?"
"I can't tell that mate, but I like that new song they have, with the verse that ends with 'until he snaps like a wishbone'!"

"Have you seen my children? Thaddius and Amelia?  They came to the market... but... never....."

"Do you think Charles is missing or dead? Hasn't shown up at the bar at his usual spot in a month"
"Yeah wonder where he went. "
"I've heard he got tired up in some cult. My bets on dead though. To much Dragon's Breath will do that to you. "


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