"They finally caught that gravedigger out in Drerewood. Turns out it was a little girl, probably unrelated to the ghouls if you ask me. Kind of harsh to gag her, I think."

"I've been hunting the dead since the days of the demon wars, and I can tell you these are not normal zombies. I swear I could hear one of them whistling. Maybe I just need a stiff drink."

"Yeah, all the bodies were missing one body part. Over a dozen found in total across the area. The strange thing is each body was missing a different body part. It's almost like someone is trying to piece together something from all of them."

"Now ye' not tarry in the woods past sunset child-- or the Shrike will scoop ye up."

"Who names their pet 'Pookie'...?"

"Is it illegal if you use undead to guard a dangerous criminal if you are on the town guard? Do you need a writ for that? Or are you exempt? "

"This town is full of Pride and Envy. Nobody is truly safe."

"I heard he adopted her.  Someone said she's actually the daughter of his guard!"

"Something amiss-- swear I saw the trees shiftin' about when there be not a breeze in the air."

"Something ain't right. There's an unnatural chill in the air."

"The hell you talking about, Hob!? It's the dead of winter!"

"Weirdest thing happened to me last week. I came across this patch of grey ice on my way home, and for a solid day after I couldn't get warm no matter how much I stoked the fire or how many blankets I had."

"You see them campfires in the woods the other night? I don't know if it's goblins or another invading army, or just some lazy hunters this time."

"I could swear I left all my farm tools leanin' up against the barn, and now they're gone."

"My prize hog's gone missin'. Why would anyone want to take the bacon out of my family's mouth like that?"

"I never seen nothing like it, those corpses shambled right up to the fire and just stood there, like they were tryin' ta warm their hands on something that weren't there. 'Course I ran!"

"I have never seen someone carrying THAT MANY hammers. What a weirdo!"

"Everyone around Port Valandra keeps talking about giving the gift of Eternity.... sounds ominous, I wonder what it means."

"I don't know which option of getting caught for my crimes I fear more - getting beaten up and dragged to the guard, or getting pressed into service doing legitimate work for reasonable pay. Both sound boring and terrible."

"Once again, Drega proves it knows how to throw a party. I don't know why anyone would want to live anywhere else."

"In Oscliff, people are talking about the Goddess of Second Chances! They say we are to hold her in our hearts! I like this idea...it keeps me warm inside."

"Lord Rudolph just held ANOTHER festival! He really seems to want people in Oscliff to relax and celebrate. I wonder how much it would cost to move?"

"There are LOT of people moving on that ridge- the one that was on fire. I wonder if they're fixing it?"
"I think so. Why, just last night, I saw a bunch of flowers bloom at once! The Druids must be up to something"

"I just came down from the Northlands. It's colder than normal up there. Feels like summer here, in comparison! But it was weird. A lot of people from the village were missing..."

"Yeah, fella bought me out of all my tomes, then sold me a couple I had never seen before. Said it was for his employer. Nice to see people still value learning."

"She were all carved up with symbols! Symbols I ain't never seen! I dunno what it means, but I ain't sticking around to find out!"


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