"Cling clang, go the chains, someone's out to fiiiind yooouuu..."

Did you hear about the sounds in the forest? When the snow hits and it's deathly silent I can hear it breathing.

"Poor boy, missing his sister like that. Wouldn't be suprised if she was dead. You don't go wandering of into the woods like that. "

"She kept saying something was whispering her name, but none of us could hear anything. When she went outside to look, all we heard was a scream and found nothing but a bloodstain on the porch."

"Some folks attacked a giant man, in a bar the other night, they kept swinging and casting spells, but he wasnt swinging back... then outa the blue they just started talking like they was old friends"

"So I picked up this cracked hammer, and tried using it to make some armor, but every time I use it, i feel like someone's pounding on my chest! "

"She was just lying there on the ground, all dried up! I tried to see if I could help her, but as soon as I got close it was like all my strength just... just dropped out of me. I'm lucky I got out of there alive!"

"I could have sworn I heard this weird music in the woods near when all those elves stay in the Proper."

Ole Henrik forgot his wife. I wish I could forget mine sometimes!

"Did you hear what's going on in Pendarvin? People are starting to get sick, and the physicians can't tell what's doing it. "

"my wagon got caught in the mud in dregamire recently, some farmer i never saw before just walked on over and lifted the wagon with one hand outta the mud then continued on his way"

That dire wolf doesn't look like it could hurt a flea. All it does is sleep and take treats from children.

"they say a foreign prince is visiting travance soon"

"Have you heard the latest about that terrible Stonefall place? Someone left a bunch of toys and presents for all the children for Yule!"
"How is that terrible, exactly?"
"It was a terrifying red bird-man, 10 feet tall, and could get in and out of every home without being seen!"
"If it couldn't be seen, how do you know what it looked like? Have you been drinking satyr's wine again?"

"Did you hear about the chaos that broke out in Leighyre? A gang and a church of Valosians had a serious fight out in the streets but no one is sure why."

Am I the only one who thinks its odd to have someone hanging around town after we already held a funeral and memorial?

Port Valandria is a hot bed of preaching. Priests of the light, the dark, and even that Visigalis one preaching their ways, its a wonder there isn't more conflict.

"Apparently someone decided to erect a mountain outside of Mordavia ... just out of the blue! Now I am worried about my crops getting enough sunlight come spring!"

"I need to move to Ostcliff. They just had another series of festivals throughout their land!" "True, but don't you wonder how they are paying for all this merriment?"

"Pendarvin may be known for its gems, dwarves, and northmen, but have you heard about the fine instruments that are made at their young farming community? Flutes sing, frames are light as a feather, and the drums rumble as deep as a giant."


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