"Did you hear, there's a new hospital in Vallenro? I hear they have a lot of open offices ..."

"I noticed some weird carvings on the trees outside of Vallenro. Most of them were ravens with blood smeared over them. It was really unsettling ..."

"Flippin' hell. Can't wait till that bloody bridge is finished. Can't believe the thing got blown sky high ... typical Travance though, eh? At least the heroes are cleaning it up though ..."

"Cecil said there was some guy trying to sell some papers, claiming they were from some powerful sorcerer's Book of Shadows, written in code, leading to great adventure and treasure..."

"I saw the papers; They were just squiggles and dots on a paper, he's just trying to scam you."

"Did you see the weird lights off through the trees? Gave me quite a chill down my spine, not sure why...."

"Did you hear about that Orphanage the mission in Mordavia? Apparently they are giving shattered families destroyed by the Null attacks a chance to join together for a brighter future. It helps me sleep at night knowing some people care ..."

"Oy' ye' came by a jinglin and a smellin' o' spices as them folk do-- but 'ad this one big 'as a mountain-- big ol' burlap sack round his 'ead-- must have a skull fulla' oats if ye ask me!"

"You know... isn't that Coran fellow a Baronial High Person? I could have sworn this is the second month in a row where hes been found being sick.. the first time was in a snowbank and talking 'bout fairies!! What is he responsible for?"

"Our squire is doing really well for Pendarvin! Lots of people keep saying she should be rewarded in some way."

"Arnwhul's gathering all the trade contracts they can to acquire tools for the harvest. Without being able to forge anything the past months, they're currently out of nails! You never know how important the little things are until you start running out of them."

"Hear folk givin' to the Gods-- even the tribals out in them woods."
"Aye, seen their trinkets and baubles made of twigs and root-- offerings to no God I ever 'eard of..."

"There's a vigilante murdering cultists in Honor's Peak. Gods bless justice."

"He's the one causing this mess!"

"Don't travel to Alomiolande Bernard, you're absent-minded as it is. You'll forget who you are if you step foot there!"

"Marie, keep the pups inside, the wolves are particularly loud tonight. Culpepper woods just aren't safe anymore."

"Did ya hear about Beatrice? She was dragged off into the woods by giant spiders, right on the edge of town. People be sayin' they're Werespiders. Ain't ever seen anythin' like that before!"

"The Guard was really on top of things last month, with all those arrests... It really makes me feel safe, knowin' they're out there protectin' us."

"I swear it John, I swear I saw that purple glow off in the forest again last night!"

"Remember that painting my pa had? Well this morning it was gone! Just white paper left in its place."

"I heard Billy was at the physicians this weekend for some strange illness. Poor soul couldn't keep food down and was hot to touch as a smith's house in summer."

"They found 'er all cut up. Words all carved into 'er, taunting the Guard."

"He was screaming. Over and over. He tried to kill his children, said he had to sacrifice them so the Lord of Tears would spare him. It was awful."

"Cling, clang, go the chains, someone's out to find you...."


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