• "My brother was supposed ta' arrive in New Avondale a week ago, but I heard 'is caravan disappeared." "How does a whole caravan just disappear?" "Dunno, but it ain't showed up yet, and no word from Altrion."
  •  "Hey, didja hear about Honor's Peak? Beatrice said her mum's friend's cousin saw it spewing somethin' nasty the other day." "Think it might blow soon?" "I ain't no volcano expert!"
  • "What are those strange fellas in masks walking around for? Gives me the creeps!"
  • "...all I know is, last time someone said anything about it, that pale guy showed up.."
  • "Hey did you hear? That circus is supposed to be coming into town soon again!!"
  • Scuttlebutt from the warfside taverns is strange things bein' heard down in the bayous of Coast Haven. All kinds of drums, screams and whatnot. Crazy glowin' sections of swamp too. Not sure I believe 'em - mayhap they had too much grog
  • Ye Gods!!! More undead in the day? Why ain't no one doing nothin' about this?
  • "Jack Thorne sent word, a high priest from Gaaldron has arrived in New Gaaldron. Aye, that can't bode well."
  • '...and that's why me ma always said the stars would point the way."
  • "if you say her name under the new moon a stream of silver will lead the way to fortune."
  • "Remember last year around this time? With all the screaming and the blood and the death? I haven't heard anything like that yet, which is good! Wait, what was that sound?"
  • "She was tellin' 'em she heard something whispering her name outside. They told her not to go look, but you never could tell her what to do. She goes outside, comes back in all glassy-eyed, and started trying to eat her brother! Them things is back, I tell ya!"
  • At the bottom of the rift, there is a clock set to the time you will die.
  • I hear they scattered the kings bones across Arawyn so the world wouldn't be ruled by a lich
  • Wait for the world to end, than you may solve this problem
  • “I heard from Tom, who heard from Bruce, who heard from his neighbor, who heard from his cousin’s nephew, who overheard some guy in a bar in Port Valandra talking about a shipment he got in recently. What Bruce’s neighbor’s cousin’s nephew couldn’t figure out was why the guy kept complaining about his shop being full of sand. Which I gotta agree is kinda weird, ya know? Valandra’s not exactly known for its beaches.”
  • Heed thee now my last behest and take thy feet into the west. Past the paths of cobbled stone into the valleys overgrown. Follow where the east winds blow, the moon will show you how to go. If you seek, there shall you find, what you pay out repaid in kind. - Graffiti in the Valdalis Crossroads
  • “That’s it! Tomorrow I’m going to the Adventurer’s Guild to ask for help. I’m not qualified to handle this!”


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"Those who carry the Light as if it were a burden do it more disservice than those who carry the Darkness as if it were a torch."

~Mother Remi Sylvane

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