Scholar Notes - February 1214

  • The Underdark

    • Events of the Underdark

      • Don'Kallard

    • Creatures of the Underdark

      • Carrion Crawler

      • Cloaker Beast

      • Subterranean Ooze

    • Nearby Cave Entrances

      • Explosive Kegs

  • Sphere of the New Dawn

  • Sanctus Lumanarium and the Gods

    • Sanctus Luminarium

    • Ill'uin'dir

    • The Gods on Earth

  • Castle Nostrove

    • Letter from Lord Inverness

    • Avondale

      • Donovan Stonewall

      • Cedric Maelcrux

      • Samuel Divitrix

      • Sandalor Mandragoran

    • Strategy of attack as advised by Count Winterdark


The Underdark

Events of the Underdark

A movement of massive proportions is taking place in the underdark. The houses are being systematically destroyed, and with it the millennia old social system of the dark elves. This is rumored to be instigated by a dark elf named Don’Kallard, first male of the first house of the underdark; House Oblovix. It is rumored that Don’Kallard made a pact with a tier five Demon Lord, who is now destroying everything in its path with little to no effort. This amount of chaos transpiring in the underdark is so profound, that the native creatures of the underdark are fleeing and many are going as far as to exit the closest tunnels onto the surface in order to get away from the destruction. This is causing a problem for many towns and villages that happen to be near these tunnels and they have been reporting many strange subterranean species attacking their families and in the worst case causing deaths.



Don’Kallard is Patron first male of the first house of the Underdark. He has some connection to House Jade’Arith, and House Drea’Velven, though that connection is not fully understood. He is a master of disguise, and the leader of a band of rogue males who undermine the female cast system of the underdark every chance that they have. The power of this male and his band until know has been largely unknown, though if they are behind this, then very soon, they may become the new rulers of the Underdark. Whether or not this would be a positive or negative for the inhabitants of the surface world is unclear.


Creatures of the Underdark

Carrion Crawler

This giant wormlike creature moves around through the earth. It will primarily wait until it senses potential pray above the ground and will borrow its way up with incredible speed. The creature typically sprays a paralytic poison upon its target, removing its ability to move or otherwise resist. When a target is no longer moving it will continue to spray this substance on the prey which in this concentrated amount acts as a type of acid, breaking down the targets skin tissue and making it softer and easier for the Carrion Crawler to consume and Digest. These creatures are fast and can retreat quickly back into the earth it is being attacked, however it is susceptible to cold and ice attacks, which not only harm it greatly, but also prevent it from fleeing to relocate to a different area.


Cloaker Beast

This shadowy creature resembles a large, flat, black squid. It has miniscule suction arms, that allow it to scale walls. Typically it finds itself an area on the ceiling of a cave, so that it can drop down on unsuspecting prey. When it is ready to hunt, it drops on a target and attempts to envelope it with its entire body. If this grappling movement is successful, then the target is quickly cut off from its source of air in-take, within a minute, if the target has not broken fee, then it falls unto unconsciousness and begins to die. Over the curse of their death, they are digested by the creature. If the creature fails to grapple its target, the creature floats back up to the ceiling and reattaches itself there. One needs tremendous strength to resist being enveloped or to break free. If the creature is attacked with earth based attacks, then the particles of the earth will fill the creatures succors, preventing it from attaching to anything, floating back up to the ceiling and this also weakens the strength of its grip on its target.


Subterranean Ooze

This creature resembles a large dark blobulous mass. It creeps along the ground and anything it touches begins to rot and or become weakened. It is immune to all physical attacks as its body is simply a gel like substance. It can be effected by spell like abilities that do raw damage to a target. It is extremely susceptible to fire spells as it has oil included as part of its bodily make up.


Nearby Cave Entrances

There are four cave entrances that are near the proper, and are hemorrhaging underdark beasts. The locations of these nearby cave entrances have been identified. These creatures will continue to invade our land unless a way is devised to close off and seal these entrances. The most efficient way to seal these entrances are to collapse them with “Explosive Kegs”. These are forty pound wooden barrels filled with explosive materials. When a lit fuse reaches the base of the keg, it will explode, effectively destroying anything within a twenty-five foot radius.


Explosive Kegs

The following ingredients are needed to create each “Keg”

  • 20 pounds of Iron Scraps
  • Explosive Bombs x4 (Disassembled by an alchemist)
  • Any 2 Trap Kits (disassembled by a rogue with disarm traps)

An alchemist and rogue with set traps must together spend thirty minutes crafting each “Keg”. The two must role-play re-assembling the disassembled components within a small keg casing.


The Sphere of the New Dawn


The Sphere of the New Dawn is some organization that had been preparing for the end of the world, with the intentions of picking up the pieces of it and putting it back together afterwards. Because they where prepared for the impact, apparently they are in much better shape right now then any organized people on Arawyn. The organization is described as being a roving tent city, with a massively armed and well-disciplined army. They are moving from location to location and killing all demon-kind they come across.

The motives of this group are largely unclear and unknown. Intelligence suggests that they have recently entered the Kingdom of Kormye from the south, and are likely making their way north to Castle Nostrove. One could theorize that they know of the castles severely weakened state and are traveling towards it in an effort to claim it. If this is their goal, than it is not known whether or not they would hand it back over to the Kingdom or keep control of it for themselves. If they did attempt to keep control of it for themselves, this would put the Kingdom in a hugely difficult position, due to the New Dawns massive size, and its well armed, well trained, and well supplied military power.

If they are in route to the Castle, then they could be at the front gates within two weeks time. The Kings army, at their fastest could not get to the castle for three weeks, perhaps four. In the interest of the Kingdom of Kormyre, Travance should claim the castle before the New Dawn could reach it. Travance should fill the castle with its own armed guards, perhaps some heroes of Travance, and fortify what is left of the castles defenses.


Sanctus Lumanarium & The Gods


Sanctus Lumanarium

Since the beginning of the demon invasion, the entire Barony of Glangsdale has been under demonic control. One of the few places that remain untouched is the Sanctus Lumanarium. Some say that the heavens themselves open up and shower beams of light upon the demons the try to siege the ancient keep. However despite being well protected seemingly by the gods themselves, the keep is isolated, surrounded by enemy forces at all times and none are able to come or go without the use of extremely divine powers. The High Pontiff claims that there is enough food and provisions in the storage caverns for an entire year, however there is a desire to somehow improve their trapped situation. Whether this requires the entire Barony of Glangsdale to be reclaimed, or some other plan, has yet to be seen.



A mysterious figure named Ill’uin’duir appeared at the Monastery. A beaten, and bloody man, he claims to have been an angel of Valos just hours earlier this same day. As his story goes, he was stripped of his powers from the gods of light for attempting to continue the ascended war on the prime material plane. He claims that he still has some of his power left and he will use it to get the clergy of light to the passage of Doendour, so that they can secure it. “The Passage of Doendour” that stretches from the outskirts of Glangdsdale to a back pass near the Sanctus Lumanarium. This passage is a long, but strait run and is rumored to be guarded by only a few score of demons of moderate power. If this passage can be secured for the forces of light, then the Sanctus Lumanarium will have a functional exit and entry point. He will sacrifice the last of his power as they walk to make the ground holy and untouchable by demons, but he is not strong enough to do combat, and must be protected from death along this journey.


The Gods On Earth

While Journeying with the fallen Angel Ill’uin’duir, the clergy of light discovered from him that the gods are now on the prime material plane. The home planes of the deities underwent massive damage from the planar collapse caused by Xualla, and are now in a almost cocoon-like state of healing, which will happen faster without the presence of the gods themselves and their champions, and so they have traveled here. According to Ill’uin’duir they can take any form they choose while here, however they refuse to continue the ascended war on the prime material plane, because the war on this plane would tear it apart, and neither side wants the destruction of the prime material plane. Ill’uin’duir encountered a chaos champion of Malyc earlier on in the day, and the two of them went against these wishes and did battle, destroying the land around them in the process. They where both stripped of their powers and hours later, is when he stumbled upon the town. He did not know what happened to his counterpart.


Castle Nostrove


Letter from Lord Inverness

The following is a copy of the letter received by Lord Inverness:


This is Lord Inverness. I am locked away in the Shadow Tower of Castle Nostrove. The Demon Threat has been defeated, but now a survivalist cult has sacked the castle. Their leaders name is Donovan Stonewall. He has taken the title of King and calls his Kingdom Avondale. The Name sounds familiar to me, but I don’t recall where I have heard it. About one hundred men women and children, only a fraction of which are well trained. I had no more men, otherwise I could have resisted detainment. They are committing high treason, although I think the majority of them are not at fault, and only a fraction are truly guilty of this crime. The Northern part of the castle is more heavily watched and guarded than the South Western Eastern Side. I recommend infiltration and stealth first, before launching an attack. Even though my assessment might be accurate, you never know if there is something more here than meets the eye, so approach this with caution. Start with the Library, there should be detailed maps of the castle, complete with secret passages and thruways. Use the gates, but not the front ones; use those closest to the Library.

- Inverness



Avondale is a large city in the heart of Glangsdale. Glangsdale was hit the hardest in the invasion of Komyre and is still under demon control. If there is a connection to this name, then it would be logical to assume that a large group of residents of Avondale banded together and fought off the demon incursion long enough to travel south, growing larger in size with each town they passed through. It would not be terribly unthinkable that they have assume their kingdom has fallen and have hastily thrown together a new one consisting of themselves and a chosen leader, in an effort to retain a semblance or order and protection for themselves. If this is what happened, than this group has just arrived at the castle of Kormyre and having found it empty, except for Inverness, they have conveniently claimed it. Aside from Donavan Stonewall and his Stone Masons, other interesting individuals of Avondale who might have survived and joined this group are: Cedric Mealveoux, Samael Divitrix, and Sandalor Mandragoran


Donovan Stonewall

Donovan Stonewall is the High Mason of Avondale. He is strong, charismatic and intelligent. He has all the characteristics that people would flock to for help. His family designed and built most of Avondale largest structures, monoliths and watchtowers. He was the guildmaster of Stone Masons guild of Glangsdale and he has trained most of them in their craft. The Stone Masons are all strong and crafty, as their art form demands these traits of them. If any of the Stone Masons of Glansgsdale survived, they are likely now by his side.


Cedric Maelcrux

Cedric is an extremely enigmatic figure. He is a known Wild Mage, who studied magic and eventually achieved the highest of magical power known as sorcery. He used to reside in Alliander, and when his master of magic was discovered the Mages guild of Kormyre declared him a dangerous threat to the public. He was to be detained and transferred to a far away, secure location, but instead he managed to flee and disappear. About a year ago it was rumored and then even confirmed that he resurfaced in Avondale in Glangsdale under the alias Master BlackRaven. The Mages guild of Kormyre had every intention of traveling there to detain him and bring him to guild justice, but instead the dire state of the world demanded their attention, and this task was never completed. If Cedric survived, he would likely be with this group. It is said that Master Black Raven has an affinity for horses and books.


Samael Divitrix

Samael is a legendary trapper who was for a brief few years, the master of the Rogues Guild in Loez. He retired ten years ago and moved to Avondale to live out the rest of his life in the beautiful city nestled in the mountains. It was rumored that he occasionally consulted for the rogues guild in Avondale, but stayed out of any actual activity, insisting to cling to his retired status. If he survived, he would probably have seen this as a good enough reason to exit retirement and join this group.


Sandalor Mandragoran

Sandalor is a retired but powerful Cavalier Healer. In his prime it was rumored that none who stood on the battlefield wit him would fall, and he had never been on the losing side. Sadly in his retirement he became bitter about life and began to drink too heavily and feast to heavily. If he survived, then he would have been enlisted into this cause, as having a powerful healer by your side is a great asset, let alone one who can hold their own in combat as well, and inspire others around them.


Strategy of attack as advised by Count Winterdark

This mission is very important, however it is far from the most lethal encounter Travance has dealt with. As such, while he would happily receive the aid of any who wish to join this mission, it is not mandatory to do so. Those who choose to stay behind should stay in the Inn (oog – because the whole rest of the camp will be the castle)

If at all possible we should avoid killing, and focus more on subdue, and incarcerate. We should get access to the Dungeon Keys, or use a smith to craft a new lock, and find a way to remove and destroy the old one, or some other strategy to obtain control of the dungeons. Once that is done, all living interlopers should be brought their regardless of their level of guilt, so that we can isolate them and have time to determine their guilt when we have more time.

There are many potentially powerful individuals in this castle. We want to engage them quickly at separate parts of the castle, preventing them from joining each other, and keep them separated so they are weaker and far easier to deal with.

Those who are going should be split into many smaller groups. Some groups should go through the gates of passage, and some through the reaching room. All should go at the same time.


Through the Gates of Passage:

Group One (Main Strike Force to Neutralize Donovan Stonewall and the Stone Masons)

Group Two (Mages who wish to Neutralize or Detain or Kill Cedric Maelcrux)

Group Three (A strike force to take the Shadow Tower and release Lord Inverness)


Through the Reaching Room:

Group Four (Rogues Guild who wish to Nuetralize or Detain Sameal Divitrix)

Group Five (A Strike force to Neutralize Sandalor Mandragoran)

Group Six (Every other person who is going should round up and detail all armed guards and non armed individuals and bring them all to the dungeons. They should scoured the entire castle and make sure no one is missed. )


Once all of the above objectives are met, Travances Heroes should securely lock all the captors in the dungeon, return to Travance, and send over many score of Elite guardsmen to hold the castle, as well as any volunteers. 



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