Scholar Notes - May, 1214

  • Balfurous

  • Don'Kallard

    • An Unexpected Meeting

    • House Jade'Arith

      • 1st Male of House Jade'Arith

      • Weaponmaster of House Jade'Arith

      • Sorceress of House Jade'Arith

      • Inquisitor of House Jade'Arith

      • Matron Daranithi Jade'Arith

        • Dark Oculus

      • The Cave

        • Removing the Glamour

        • Kill-Pak

  • Strategy


Balfurous is currently performing the systematic extinction of all the matriarchal houses in the underdark. It sounds as if he is more than three quarters complete with this task. This is something that he has done at the behest of a deal with Don’Kallard. Rumor has it that Balfurous is taking more liberties than agreed upon in the beginning of their relationship. It is also rumored that he might be looking for something of great importance in the underdark, though it is unclear what.


An Unexpected Meeting

Don’Kallard, the proclaimed new ruler of the underdark entered the Inn late at night and claimed a corner of the main hall, accompanied by a contingent of guards. It was proclaimed that he would take audience with anyone who approached him. He had some interesting propositions that he presented to Travance. He was offering what seemed like some type of alliance between his new Dark Elf Empire and the people of Travance. He proposed that the town dispatch renegade female houses on the run seeking refuge in above ground caves. He proclaimed that these houses would seek to harm the people of Travance anyway, so to proactively prevent that should not be against the Baronies interests. In return, Don’Kallard promised that when the town feels ready to combat the Demon Balfurous, that he will provide them with his exact location, safe and unimpeded passage to him, as well as lend aid in some form depending upon how well the town has kept their part of the agreement.

The specific dark elf house in question is house Jade’Arith, former 3rd house of the old underdark. House Jade’Arith fled the underdark and is now reported to be in a cave, somewhere in the vicinity of Travance. Don’Kallard must return his efforts to his newly created empire, and so he asks that you dispatch this threat in its entirety.

It would appear that the Don’Kallard’s new order of dark elves are not only destroying all of the matriarchal houses, but they are also erasing them from history. The entire history and society of the underdark is being re-written by Don’Kallard, and this new history will be taught to all future generations of Dark Elves. 

He also extended a curious offer, that if his son “Cinder” return with him to the underdark, they may rule this new dark elf empire together.

House Jade’Arith

House Jade’Arith was the third house of the underdark, ruled by Matron Daranithi Jade’Arith. The Matron is known to have the ability to project a “Dark Oculus” that she uses to siphon energy to fuel special abilities and protections.  Of particular interest, a House Weaponsmaster, 1st Male, House Sorceress, and House Inquisitor.

1st Male of House Jade’Arith

Cepric Jade’Arith is a skilled alchemist and spends much of his time making alchemy for the house. ((word of mouth – has it that for the last few weeks, a masked man has been buying components from “The Crushed Seed”, a local alchemy shop. He has been paying with those components with gems))

Weaponmaster of House Jade’Arith

Gi-kuru Jade’Arith is a skilled warrior both physically and spiritually. He is a master of his own mind and body and able to abundantly step through the planes to get to his opponent unseen.

Sorceress of House Jade’Arith

Deli’anna Jade Arith is a powerful sorceress who is a master in both yellow and orange sorcery. She also has a unique Arcane Mastery that allows her to two of the same latent effects on her at the same time. She may also wield both a weapon and her staff and wand.

Inquisitor of House Jade’Arith

Kil’dwar Jade’Arith is the house torturer, but he is also a skilled assassin as well as a Dark Paladin. He is potentially more deadly than any other single royal member of this house.

Matron Daranithi Jade’Arith

She is a powerful warrior and sorceress. She is known best for her control over something known as the Dark Oculus. Through the power she gains from it, she can cast powerful spells that effect very large areas. One such spell will activate on anyone who’s presence is unwanted to the Matron, consistently dispelling any intruder after ten minutes of being effected. Another such area protection is known to “ghost” a one thousand foot radius area, effectively making everything and everyone of importance within the area effectively invisible and unable to be heard or effected. This effect is dispelled by only two things, natural time and draw on power, or constant moon light, shining down upon the area.

Dark Oculus

The Matron of House Jade’Arith has the ability to project a dark oculus. This takes the form of a dark circle about three feet in diameter that lays close to the ground.  Because it is projected, it can be seen, but not affected. It siphons targeted energy around it and draws it inside where it transfers to the Matron Mother. This Oculus can be projected up to a mile away from the Matron, and she can at any time transpose her position to it.

The Cave

After some investigation the cave that House Jade’Arith is in has been found. It is however in fact under the effects of the Matrons “ghosting” ability. In fact the only way they were able to confirm that it was the correct cave was an extraordinary odd encounter with a Mystical Woodland creature. While exploring the area, what appeared to be a ghost of a satyr chained to a tree appeared and was trying to communicate with them. Only through intense trial and error, where they able to “pull” her out of the area and make her fully corporeal.

She explained that she was tending to her glade, when the dark elves came. They set up an evil circle in the middle of her glade, and the ancient Glamour within the tree is constantly being sucked out of them disappearing into the circle. A few days ago she watched a large band of adventurers heading into the tunnel. As soon as they did, she witnessed a group of powerful dark elves come from around the bend and enter the caves after them. Only screams where heard afterwards.

Removing the Glamour

The Mystical Woodland Creature asked the town if they would go back to her glade at night and try to remove the glamour to rescue it. She taught a group of towns members how to remove the glamour from trees so that it could be safely stored until it could safely be put back in.


There is a fairly common defense tactic that is used by dark elves called “Dorom’rowden” or “Kill-Pack”. A battalion of powerful drow, usually assassins, but sometimes warriors take station in a nearby location to the compound. They remain fairly hidden, but close so that if a compound is attacked, they swiftly and forcefully storm the compound after an enemy attacks, killing them brutally from behind and trapping the intruders.


Taking all of the factors into consideration, the following is the best strategy for attacking the house Jade’Arith compound.

Team 1 – Attack the Assassin Squad.

Immediately upon reaching the crossroads, Team 1 turns right and hunts down and kills the assassin squad so that it cannot enter the caves behind the PCs to slaughter them. The assassins are powerful and so approximately fifteen very skilled individuals will be needed for this task, They will need a solid healer.

Team 2 – Save the Glamour

Team two should consist of approximately fifteen individuals as well. Being made up of the people who were taught how to remove the glamour as well as some capable people who can protect them if they are threatened in any way.

Team 3 to 6 – The Caves

Each team should only consist of about ten individuals because the caves are narrow, and much more than that will prove to only trap their own people in there, in the event of disaster. Each team should be very well balanced, perhaps saving the more powerful teams for last as the Matron is likely to be as far in the cave as possible.  Each team will be expelled from the lair ten minutes after entering, so both the already expelled teams and the teams waiting to go in could be helping team 1 and 2, however they must be able to get to the cave quickly and easily when their team is supposed to go in, so that they do not loose much ground in the tunnels. In the event that teams 3 to 6 are not able to finish the job, teams 1 and 2 if done with their tasks should make the attempt.


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