Scholar Notes - October, 1214

  • Mauvais

    • The Symbols

      • Symbol 1 10.2014 Symbol

      • Symbol 2 - 10.2014 Symbol

      • Symbol 3 - 10.2014 Symbol

      • Symbol 4 - 10.2014 Symbol

      • Symbol 5 - 10.2014 Symbol

      • Symbol 6 - 10.2014 Symbol

    • The Six Mauvais

      • Sarduke the Ogre Mauvais

      • Kilgrum Bloodkerf the Dark Dwarf Mauvais

      • Karo Virlo the Dark Elf Mauvais

      • Illithid Mauvais

      • Brendan Stone the Human Mauvais

      • Morlon Mauvais

    • The Varmin Thief

  • Tenebrosam

  • Vekran Shai



The best theory on the matter of the Mauvais is that the re-forging of Bloodtide released some magic enabling the heroes that the magic touched to be “bane” against the creature for which they are marked.  All others who attack a Mauvais with whom their symbol does not match will do no damage to the creature without the specific mark and ,in fact, there appears to be a ward around each creature of about 100 yards that only those with the corresponding symbol can breach.  These creations are the have been sent to retrieve the gem Balfurous has been searching for and will stop at nothing to gain said gem.

The Symbols

Symbol 1 10.2014 Symbol

This symbol belongs to the Ogre Mauvais

Symbol 2 - 10.2014 Symbol

This symbol belongs to the Morlon Mauvais

Symbol 3 - 10.2014 Symbol

This symbol belongs to the Dark Elf Mauvais

Symbol 4 - 10.2014  Symbol

This symbol belongs to the Human Mauvais

 Symbol 5 - 10.2014 Symbol

This symbol belongs to the Illithid Mauvais

 Symbol 6 - 10.2014 Symbol

This symbol belongs to the Dark Dwarf Mauvais

The Six Mauvais

Sarduke the Ogre Mauvais

Sarduke is known throughout New Gaaldaron to be a powerful shaman, capable of ruining warring clans’ crops with a few utterances of an unnatural language.  He has long been known to ally with any creature that is formidable enough to help him reach his goal of establishing an army.  He has often been heard boasting that he has read many portents and that he is the chosen leader to finally defeat the pink skins and claim this side of the rift for greenskins.  

This ogre hates the druids, rangers and elves as a whole. They have harassed his tribe on and off for several years and now he has found a way to get even and has pledged himself to the dark powers in hope to burn the lands in revenge.

Kilgrum Bloodkerf  the Dark Dwarf Mauvais

Kilgrum is a willing participant in the ritual to become a Mauvais.  He seeks revenge on Travance for the slaughter of the dozens of his kin and the refusal to accept the Dark Dwarves’ claim to the Dwarven throne.  Many of his close relatives (brother, uncle and cousin) were killed when the Dark Dwarves attacked Travance in March.  His goal seems to be as uncomplicated as wanting the total destruction of Travance.  Kilgrum is a skilled warrior and alchemist.

Karo Virlo the Dark Elf Mauvais

Karo was one of Don'Kallard's lieutenants who was recently captured by the forces of Balfurous and forcefully turned into a demon-touched Mauvais.   Don’Kallard had become too vocally distrustful of the Demon Lord and, in retaliation, Balfurous turned one of Kallard’s own people.

Illithid Mauvais

This Unnamed Illithid is a bit of a mystery- as are most of his kind.  It is unclear if it was a willing participant in Balfurous’s ritual or not.  All that is known  is that it, like all of its kind, is a powerful psion.

Brendan Stone the Human Mauvais

Brendan Stone was a commander in the Alisandrian army.  He and his unit went missing during the battle against Xualla.  It was presumed they were killed and were honored as heroes at Caer Bridaeg.  He was actually captured, tortured and brainwashed by Balfurous’ minions for the past 9 months.  Balfurous has now used Brendan to create one of the Mauvais and in fact, Brendan volunteered for the duty due to the effectiveness of the brainwashing. 

Morlon Mauvais

The Morlon’s name is unknown as they do not speak and only share things with others telepathically.  It is believed that he is an unwilling participant in Balfurous’s schemes and is the last known Morlord in the Underdark.

Varmin Thief

The Varmin was born and raised on the northeast rock face of the rift. Rather than plumb the depths of the rift, he and his family would spend the day climbing up the rift and into Kormyre, where they would scavenge and sometimes steal.   This Varmin was the quickest of his litter, and found wealth and fame as a middle man and courier between the Underdark and the underbelly of Kormyre.  Balfurous chose him and created him after creating the other six Mauvais- which may explain why he is not marked like the rest.  He is a master thief and since the ritual to become a Mauvais, lives only to serve Balfurous on any and all quests for his master.


Tenebrosam is an ancient key disguised as a black dual-pyramid gem.  It is rumored to unlock the only known door to the Dismere – the realm beneath the Underdark.  Tenebrosam was split asunder by those who locked the Dismere.  The record of what is locked within this realm is lost to time but is rumored to be more powerful and terrible than anything in remembered history.

When it was split, the gem was imbued with several properties.  One of which is a semi-sentience to be aware when the Dismere is threatened to be breached.  Should this happen, Tenebrosam would emit a powerful magic enabling those it touched to become very powerful against the threat.

It is believed that only the kings of the Dwarves were given the history of the gem, and most recently King Val-Dan secreted the gem in a statue which he entrusted into the hands of Baroness Hartwood – but purposely neglected to tell her that Tenebrosam was hidden within the statue thinking it would keep the key more safe and hidden from the Demon Lord Balfurous.

Vekran Shai

During the war at Terafess, a group of dragoon soldiers under the banner of Nimfear defected from his forces. These soldiers, unwilling to continue fighting under him against the forces of their own ancestor, left to instead serve Telligrim directly under his champion, Horuss. Not much is known of 'igin, but he made himself known during the war during the group's defection. The Vekran Shai have been tasked with destroying and collecting artifacts and places of power to the dragons and dragoons around the world. Most notably, they were the force that finally snuffed out the Temple of the White Flame in Travance.


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