Scholar Notes - November, 1214

  • A Long Awaited Visit

    • Timestream A114 – Unified Tower

    • Timestream Σ1466 – Withered Weave

    • Timestream Γ1209 – Empress

    • Timestream Ω1225 – Demon War

    • Timestream Θ1198 – Golden Age

    • Timestream τ1224 – Dark Sun

    • Timestream δ1251 – Gates of War

    • Timestream E1337 - Shanty World

    • Timestream: Current - Year 363, Legends Born

  • Lord Fallow

  • One Last Journey

  • The Morgazzi

    • The Verdrane Blades - Dragon Swords


A Long Awaited Visit

At the start of the evening, strange orange distorted lights filled the Inn. When they disappeared a mysterious man who calls himself Klarington Everest appeared with what appeared to be Verrill Lebastion, but Klarington explained that he is Verril from an alternate time-line future. Upon appearing the two immediately sat down at a table and poured over what he called a time map and their notes. When we approached him, he explained the following:

In nine out of ten timelines having Bloodtide ensures our victory with Balfurous, but in nineteen out of twenty timelines, we inevitably all die in the battle. This is because as soon as Balfurous is engaged, he traps everyone to fight out the entire duration of the battle, while he slowly bleeds to death. This gives Balfurous enough time to kill every single person who marched off to fight him before he dies. What Travance needs to avoid this outcome is to kill Balfurous quicker, which is no small feat of strength.

To aid Travance they have traveled the time stream and carefully chosen weapons of great power from alternate time-lines for the people of our time-line to “Borrow”. They chose the weapons that they felt would be most effective in the battle, and they chose times that it might be easiest to attain these weapons.  When the weapons are done being used against Balfurous, they must be returned to exact same time that they were taken, or else we could possibly doom that time-line to suffer repercussions. 

Klarington has agreed to facilitate the methods of time travel in order to achieve this goal both in taking the weapons and returning them. He advised that we send a different team in after each weapon, so as to avoid any one person becoming afflicted with time dementia. He also mentioned that after each weapon was retrieved it would take between 12 to 24 hours to complete its time phase and be fully useful here.

The following list of weapons were provided to us each with a description of the time-line that we would be traveling to and the basic challenge we might have to face in attaining the weapon.

Timestream A114 – Unified Tower

In this time line, the Champion of the Earth’s Blood, VIM, was successful in his mission. The beast that laid claim to the spire was beaten. It has become a center for the development of metaphysical powers, but also a store house for objects of incredible power, some meant to defend its halls. At the spires peak, Demon Lords who originally aimed to aid the monster sought to reclaim the place of power for their own needs. Agravaine was a paramount resource for their defeat and without it, the tower would have surely fallen. Care must be taken, the demon lords made more than one attempt to strike against the spire. They are formidable and so going in unprepared to fight may prove fatal.

Timestream Σ1466 – Withered Weave

Were it not imperative that this weapon be collected, this place should never be explored. The efforts of the Palenor and all the other forces that defended the weave failed in their mission. Miranda is freed, though still unable to reach her full power due to the Pentirr Knights, the war against her forces is a losing battle for the Knights. While the Pentirr Swords are the most formidable in this timeline, it would be doomed if they were taken for too long. Miranda’s power stretches across the world, I pray you do not have to face her.

Timestream Γ1209 – Empress

Angelica remains Empress and her circlet, the item that holds all the power of Corsair, will be invaluable to your survival. I know you have had complications with her in the past, but you will be sent to a time period before the great plague swept their world. At least before that transpired, you may still have a chance to collect the circlet. However, force will see you slaughtered. Diplomacy and subterfuge may be your only hope.

Timestream Ω1225 – Demon War

Caution must be taken when travelling to this timeline, arcane magic was never changed in the same way it was in yours. This set in motion a series of events that, while put Cephias into a seat of power, also changed the fate of House Castielle, the demon hunters. Unfortunately, she was captured by the demon lord and was killed and her crossbow destroyed. You will be given the chance to rectify this, but you will have to venture into the heart of the Demon Lord’s lair on the material plane and rescue her. The crossbow will serve as a powerful tool in your fight and with Ellaria alive, even their timeline may stand a chance.

Timestream Θ1198 – Golden Age

The Humans and the Gnomes banded as a unified force against Uelrog the Destroyer and foiled the plans of Xualla and Balfurous. Without the creation of the rift, the 7 Kingdoms remained and peace prospered. The site of Uelrog’s fall still served as a gateway for their dark power to flow into the material world. There is a blade in this world that holds a powerful force of good. Oathmaker is powerful enough to stop this threat, but also is a necessary component for your survival against the Baalfurous of your timeline. Do note that the forces of the demons influence plague many in this timeline and seek to destroy the sword, knowing its capabilities.

Timestream τ1224 – Dark Sun

Markovia grew in power under the rule of the Lord of Decay and Lady of Violence. They formed an alliance with Evernight, Doth’moria and Fallow. Since the formation of that alliance, Kormyre and the other kingdoms have been fighting a losing war against the darkness. In this timeline, after Oris and his armies had decimated Travance, many of their belongings were outfitted onto his soldiers. One weapon from this was Fatesunder Everstrike, a bow crafted from the tree of fate. Because the tree was never destroyed in this timeline, this bow’s power to change the fate of a person will be paramount in helping defend your companions against Balfurous’s powers.

Timestream δ1251 – Gates of War

In this timeline, an agreement was made which was not in your timeline. In your timeline, the VIS-Exodus turned from the offer of Akran Palazzo of the Magitech Consortium. Here, a deal was made where Akran took ownership of the Gate of Passage that led the team of explorers to your town. With control of the Gate, he enacted his plans of domination and began opening gateways to different parts of the world. Since then, only the remains of Londwyn and the Elders of the Witchwood Forest serve as a bastion against the gnome's destructive will. A captain under Akran's service holds a weapon infused with power of the Arentir Stones.

Timestream E1337 - Shanty World

In this world, free of strife, free of disease, and free of famine, the population has grown out of control. In order to feed the growing population much of the land needed to be turned to farmland, and the majority of the population were moved into small quarters with sleeping arrangements right on top of each other. This seemed to work for a while, until an old spirit thought long gone rose up to strike again... The Shanty Town Shanker. It is rumored that the Shanty Town Shank that the Shanty Town Shanker wields is imbued with the spirit of the original Shanty Town Shanker, and that spirit takes over the weak-minded who find it, and force them to continue his hundreds of year long killing streak. However, if we can find someone able to wield the Shanty Town Shank and remain in control, all the powers of the Shanty Town Shanker will be at your disposal, including the legendary Triple Shank that is so dreaded.

Timestream: Current - Year 363, Legends Born

The world was still new and the Fey deeply interested in the humans populating Arawyn's Highlands. Wild men with blue pigments who revered the land, spirits, and stories. The humans would prove time and time again that they would persevere through all odds. The Fey began making bargains and bets pitting their mortal champions against each other and other strange threats. Though most of this history has been lost to mythology and folk lore, one story stands intact. Orion McBride the Hunter, chosen of Luna, Wielder of the immensely powerful Fey sword Mac'A'Luin. The first Celt Legend.

Lord Fallow

A powerful lich lord of great renown has been existing in the south eastern area of Travance proper.

He calls himself Fallow, Lord of Alisandria.

 Rumors of the lich having many phylacteries are known by scholars and local clergy.

 The area surrounding where he “resides” is blighted land.   This “blight” is an infection of undeath and black sorcery that snuffs out all natural life in its path.  It is also has the ability to slow, cripple and drain life from those living creatures foolish enough to tread upon it.

 Fallow has an army of undead and unnatural constructs.  His most infamous minions are called scare mortals.  These scare mortals guard the perimeter of his blighted fields to either keep out any that might  try to get too close, or protect and guard his inner sanctum.  They also bring in chosen victims that Fallow uses for his sinister “experiments.”

 Local peasantry in Alisandria have become very ritualistic, often employing talismans, baubles and superstitions that may or may not hold sway over some of Fallows minions.

 He has an obsession with children he deems “gifted.” These children are abducted, and put through rigorous magical and non-magical corruptions.  Once they “appreciate” their new master, Fallow trains them and either uses them in his armies or sends them back into the world to sew destruction and death. He enjoys brainwashing these children and “befriending” them.  He often turns them against their families or villages, and acts like a parental figure to gain their trust.  He also enjoys treating some of them with cruelty, while others get nurtured and slowly manipulated to loyally serve his will.

One Last Journey

Klarington told us of one more Weapon
Timestream Λ857 – Era of Peace

King Valos Gosteli successfully led the war against Malyc’s plan to ascend to the divine realms and claim a seat in the pantheon of darkness. Since then, King Gosteli had reigned over the Human Empire in peace and prosperity. However, it was during this battle that he set down his Syrithian Staff to wield a Hammer in an act of justice against the dark sorcerer. King Gosteli’s Hammer will prove to be a valuable asset to the destruction of the demon. Unfortunately, he had this tool of war deconstructed immediately after the battle, so I will have to send you to a point just before the Sorcerer is slain so that the hammer can be claimed.

… Klarington is gone, and were not sure when he will be back. During our attempt at the last weapon, The Lorestri Maja appeared before we left and had a jaunting confrontation with Klarington about the irreparable damage he is doing to the time stream. It started as just yelling, and then escalated into some type of magical shoving match. Finally Klarington fled the Maja appeared to take pursuit after him. 

We now have most of the weapons that Klarington thinks will allow us to kill Balfurous fast enough to survive the encounter. They are in fact both awe inspiring and magnificent. It will be a pity to have to return them when we are done, but if we do not the other time-lines will suffer. Yet how will we do this? Will Klarington return? If not will Maja seek us out to help? Only time will tell, for now we will stay focused on your immediate goal, actively find and slay Balfurous.

The Morgazzi

There have been whispers around town about Morgazzi and Dragon Swords; just some general chatter about their existence itself. Some seem to know much, while others don’t know anything. Research brings forth some information for the latter.

The Morgazzi where originally a vile cult from the first age. They came across a dead dragon and drank its blood. In doing so they gained great and terrible power. That power however would wane after time, and so quickly they learned to use their newfound power to hunt and slay dragons for their blood. They corrupted and trained large griffons to ride upon to aid in their Dragon Slaying. The more they killed Dragons, the more powerful they became.  The more powerful they became the more they became disconnected from their humanity and instead became powerful and legendary forces of evil.  Though not demons in origin or in actuallity, what they had become had been virtually been so.

The Morgazzi went on to do many terrible things in the world, including almost bringing about the genocide of Dragons. They lived in a great castle known as “The Black Keep” in what is now known as Winterdark.

Finally, near the end of the second age, all remaining Dragons fled the world to return to the Astral Realms.  Shortly after the Morgazzi realized they would run out of dragon blood to consume and thus eventually their great power fade away. They placed themselves in a deep slumber in hidden and ancient places of the world. In this slumber they would burn very little of their stored blood, and wait out centuries and millennia, in hopes that the dragons return, or that their servants on this world would find a way to keep their power always new and refreshed.  It is rumored that there is anywhere between six to twelve of these Morgazi hidden in slumber around the world.

The Verdrane Blades - Dragon Swords

Close to six years ago, Count Winterdark ordered a group of newcomers to Travance to hunt down and recover weapons hidden around the world, which were forged by dragons long ago. There were four of them, one for each of the four elements. These weapons were powerful, but served a greater purpose. They were crafted by the dragons, before leaving the world with the intent that they would be used to slay the Morgazzi.  There was a few hurdles to overcome in this quest. First they had to be found. They were hidden away in ancient and magically sealed vaults.  Second they had to be protected and wielded only by those with little to no renown. For the Morgazzi in their slumber were aware of these blades, and if someone of great power or renown were to wield one of the blades, especially in active combat, then the slumbering Morgazzi would be able to sense it and potentially they could be awoken prematurely.  The last hurdle would be once the blades are found, how would those of little power and little renown find one of the slumbering Morgazzi to slay it in its sleep?

Over the years many young adventurers became a part of this quest and some even grew so powerful that they had to step away from it. All four blades where found and for years protected and used by this group. Sadly they never had the opportunity to hunt and kill a morgazi; for mysteriously many months ago, the blades all disappeared. It is theorized that they returned to new hidden vaults to be found once again… however unless they are recovered, the truth of it may never be known.


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