Scholar Notes – Extended Feast, 1214

  • Events of Two Weeks Ago

  • Balfurous

  • House Jade’Arith

    • Tactics of House Jade’Arith

      • Update to Tactics

    • Houses Iria’Aryth and Balr’Arith

      • Tactics of the Matrons

    • Peluta Fungus

      • Goldenseal Flower Root

        Gold Light Potion


Events of Two Weeks Ago

Don’Kallard, the proclaimed new ruler of Darkholme entered the Inn late at night and claimed a corner of the main hall, accompanied by a contingent of guards. He was offering what seemed like some type of alliance between his new Dark Elf Empire and the people of Travance. He proposed that the town dispatch renegade female houses on the run seeking refuge in above ground caves. He proclaimed that these houses would seek to harm the people of Travance anyway, so to proactively prevent that should not be against the Barony’s interests. In return, Don’Kallard promised that when the town feels ready to combat the Demon Balfurous, that he will provide them with his exact location, safe and unimpeded passage to him, as well as lend aid in some form depending upon how well the town has kept their part of the agreement.



Balfurous is currently performing the systematic extinction of all the matriarchal houses in the underdark. It sounds as if he is more than three quarters complete with this task. This is something that he has done at the behest of a deal with Don’Kallard. Based on things that Kallard indicated, Balfurous is taking more liberties than agreed upon in the beginning of their relationship. It is also rumored that he might be looking for something of great importance in the Underdark, though it is unclear what.


House Jade’Arith

The specific dark elf house in question is house Jade’Arith, former 3rd house of the old Underdark. House Jade’Arith fled the Underdark and was holed up in a cave, somewhere in the vicinity of Travance. The Barony successfully found where they had been hiding and went to clear the caves. Unfortunately, the Matron had a Gate rite on her and escaped before the town could put her down. It was discovered that she fled to a remote location in the Underdark where she joined forces with two other Matrons who have recently been displaced by the collaboration of Kallard and Balfurous.


Tactics of House Jade’Arith

House Jade’Arith was the third house of the Underdark, ruled by Matron Daranithi Jade’Arith. The Matron is known to have the ability to project a “Dark Oculus” that she uses to siphon energy to fuel special abilities and protections. Of particular interest, a House Weaponsmaster, 1st Male, House Sorceress, and House Inquisitor.


Update to Tactics

With the recent defeat of her 1st male, Weaponsmaster, Sorceress and Inquisitor, and with the undoing of her Dark Oculus, the Matron has had to research new and powerful ways to take her revenge on Travance. At this time, those tactics are still unknown, however it is thought that she is working on creating a rite that will weaken the fighting prowess of all who enter her caves other than her troops. It is believed that this rite is tied to the absence of light and will make it difficult for all but natural dark elves to function martially. (OOG – 10 damage penalty to all non dark elves)


Houses Iria’Aryth and Balr’Arith

Former seventh and ninth houses of the Underdark. Although not as powerful or populous as House Jade’Arith, the alliance of these two Matrons with the Matron of Jade’Arith, as well as their loyal armies, has made the three quite powerful.


Tactics of the Matrons

The Matrons have sent assassins to try and weaken Travance by eliminating the female leadership. The Baroness is the prime target with the female nobility and knights being just beneath her in importance. They have, however, deemed that any female “hero” of Travance should be taken or killed in retribution for the wrongs delivered on the Matrons by Kallard, who they see as an ally of Travance.


Peluta Fungus

A fungus with properties that cancel all sources of light both magical and natural. This fungus can only exist in the Underdark and only in certain sections of caves where the environment is just right. Any attempts to bring the fungus to the surface in the past have only resulted in the ruination of the sample from exposure to light and air that differs from the environments in the Underdark. The only known way to kill the effects of this fungus is through a Goldenseal Flower Root.


Goldenseal Flower Root

A rare flower with a short lifespan. It is only known to grow in three specific places close to the proper. These three places are all on separate corners of the barony and the root may only be harvested at a specific time of day, 3:00 pm while the flower is open. It is the root of a golden star shaped flowering plant. The root resembles a golden bulb and begins to rapidly decay as soon as it is removed from the ground. With this root you can make a gold light potion.


Gold Light Potion

The root must be ground into a fine powder, and the potion requires that the powder be infused with magical light. It take 60 seconds to grind the root into a fine enough powder, and it requires the spell “light” to be cast upon the powder. It takes an additional 60 seconds for the magical light to infuse the powder. After this time, the mixture can be moved. If it is disturbed before this time, the sample is incomplete. Each bulb makes 2 potions.


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