Perfect Homunculus Tests:

01 Eden

02 ???

03 Failure

04 Failed

05 Gilgamesh

06 Failed

07 Imperfect (Gamma / Icarus)

08 Gemora

09 Inideya 

10 Failure

11 Belberith

12 Imperfect (Promethus ) 

13 Lillith

14 Failure

15 Failure

16 Failure

17 Failure

18 Imperfect (Yo Yo )

19 Able

20 Failure

21 Failure

22 Failure

23 Failure

24 Failure

25 Lazerus

26 ---- no attempt taken yet----


Eden-  (female) (001) The first perfect Homunculus,  Eden is both Powerful and confident, while viewing everything else in existence as beneath her, and though she is strong enough to force others to bend to her will, she tends to enjoy manipulating those around her to get her way.  Eden will always refer to her creator as “HE”, or “HIM” rather than her father or her creator. It is unclear if she views her creator as more or less than herself, as each individual is constantly trying to manipulate the other. Though there is rarely an instance when the Father of The Homunculus is out in public where he does not have Eden on his arm, though it is rarely clear who is leading who.

002 Oh i'm sure you’d love to know this wouldn't you, spoiled children, how many times will you steal my journal

Gilgamesh - (male) (005) The weaponmaster of the perfect homunculi, cocky and incredibly overconfident, looking down on all who are not Homunculus, He has personally refused to absorb the pieces of any other race feeling this would make him “Impure” and has instead used The father of the homunculus’ “chronomancy” to train in every fighting style outside of time. Gilgamesh has a great love for collecting exotic and powerful weapons, and has his own brand of “respect” for anyone who can hold their own in a fight based on their personal skill (oog he dont care about your level, you RP combat well Gilgamesh will give you his “respect”) 

Belberith-  (male) (011) The largest of the true homunculi, having absorbed a number of large powerful creatures such as (but not limited to) Rock-wyrms, Astral Goliaths, and many others. Slow and silent, but nowhere near dim witted . While Balberith size and appearance lead you to believe he is the a-typical dumb giant brute, speaking with him, or even observing him for a limited time will allow you to realize he is anything but. His favorite book being “A brief history of the Multiverse” by “Klarington Everest of timeline 287” Belberith may in fact be one of THE most intelligent beings on Aarwyn. Yet both his strength and his intelligence take a back seat to his personal code of ethics, He is an honorable combatant to a fault, if an opponent enters a one on one fight with him with some sort of disadvantage he will personally limit his own abilities to match them. He finds the act of absorbing even flawed Homunculus with their limited life spans to be a barbaric act and refuses to do so for his own benefit .

Lillith-  (female) (013)An oddity amongst the true homunculi having power that would rival Eden’s but a fractured mind, she had absorbed a bone from the Valley of the behemoth and though this granted her incredible power it completely fractured her mind. Since then The father of the Homunculus has banned the use of any item found within the Valley of the Behemoth.  Lilith is playful and childish outside of combat, her arrogance coming out in the form of teasing, as a result of her uncontrolled powers she is used to people walking on eggshells around her and has become some what spoiled. She is often insulted when the other perfect homunculus do not treat her with the same “respect” others do. Once Lilith enters combat she immediately enters a berserker's rage state, yet some how maintains her ability to cast psionics. In this state she is completely unable to recognize friend from foe, and as a result the other Perfect Homunculus attempt to avoid bringing her into combat with them. Beneath the childish and spoiled attitude there is a deep sadness within her based around the fact that she is only a force of destruction.

Lazarus- (male)  (025) Honor, Sacrifice, Kindness, Honesty, these are the things this stalwart Hero holds dear. Since creation Lazarus has held life… all life dear, a valiant defender and a powerful healer Lazarus often viewed as weaker by the other perfect homunculus, but this could not be farther from the truth. Lazarus simply wants to live his life as a good Person . I fear as of late Lazarus will betray me, though this saddens me… i understand his heart is too soft for the choices i must make.

Able- (male) (019). The perfect homunculus assassina constant shapeshifting master of disguise, often appearing in hordes of flawed homunculus. He has a severe curiosity for the concept of death and will often attempt to ask those he is killing what they experience, if there is fear, joy, peace.  He has a serventile nature, and will often stand to the side of though slightly behind the father, eden and belberith. He views human life as less important than the life of the perfects, but since both they, and the true homunculus are the closest things to himself he will often use them to ask questions of death since no perfect homunculus has experienced it. As a result of his nature i fear if not for my influence he and lazarus would never stay on the same side as one another

Gemora (008) Ineyedia (009) one member of a pair of Homunculus twins, An immovable defensive dynamo who would rather read a book then pick a fight. Prudish, reserved who would rather read about the world and understand it better, rather than leap to his/her death. Ineyedia looks at the world with a cautious eye, but knows that he/she would be defenseless and walked all over without the strength of his/her twin.  

One member of a pair of Homunculus twins, a powerful destructive force who greatly enjoys combat, Lecherous, Loud, with a need to experience all the vices the world has to offer. Gemora looks at the world with reckless abandon, but knows fully well he/she would have been utterly destroyed without the protection of his/her twin.


Perfect lab 001 (no protections ) 01:00 am

Perfect Lab 002 Barriers upon barriers / Gatecrasher Storage Facility  12:01 pm

Perfect Lab 003 Homunculus Repurpose facility 2:30 PM

Perfect lab 004 I'm pretty sure one of my escaped imperfects is living in the air ducts of this lab… he gives me the heeby jeebies … he tends to not eviscerate newer towns members 4:00 PM

Perfect lab 005 So many traps / Damnit lillith i told you, that you were not ready for a dog 5:00 PM

Flawed Homonculous Notes

Flawed homunculus juggernaut

Large imposing Homunculus designed only to fight, able to smash through shield walls with ease cleaving even the most skilled of fighters in two… too bad they can’t protect their back side.

Flawed homunculus phokus

Incredible casters with a wide range of supernatural abilities at their disposal, a shame they cant block for shit...

Homunculus psyco hunter

Homunculus designed to fight...Homunculus… exceptionally powerful, but will attack all that is imperfect, good luck vallius...

Homunculus Gate Crasher

While not a powerful fighter these creatures are designed to desimate shield walls, break into buildings, and destroy their permanent protections.

The Imperfects

In my attempts to create perfect homunculus i have had 3 failures that have survived

Yo-Yo - She had escaped shortly after creation... quite honestly bat shit insane, she has lived in the air ducts of each of my labs, i'm unsure how she keeps following us... I am grateful for the fact, that she had been feeding off the rats in the air ducts... She seems to be more interested, in playing with the individuals who have not been in town for some time.

Prometheus - A flawed Homunculus of LIMITLESS power, with one major weakness, utilizing his power kills him. He can live a long life as a normal man. He can be powerful for a few years. He can be eden for a few hours. Or he can be god for a brief moment.

The beast / Icarus / Gama - DO NOT TRY TO QUADRUPLE THE PERFECT HOMUNCULUS RECIPE. It took the entirety of the perfect homunculus to contain Gama, and i have still yet to find a way to destroy it.


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