As described by Rudolf Von Kreutzdorf, Chancellor of Trade 

Penned on July 22nd, 1206

Updated September 6th, 1215, by Chancellor of Trade Lois Maxwell

In the Kingdom of Kormyre, there are two primary monetary units; the silver piece and the gold piece, also known as the royal piece.  Value is determined by weight - coin from some foreign kingdoms may be worth more than others, based on the amount and purity of the metal.  Within the Kingdom of Kormyre, the gold piece is the standard measure of wealth, with silver being used for day to day exchanges. For purposes of exchanges, one gold piece is the equivalent of ten silver pieces.

Larger coins denoting five (5) and ten (10) smaller coins of the same metal are minted in the Kingdom of Kormyre. A ten silver piece holds the same value as a one gold piece.

While not commonly exchanged or used in day-to-day affairs, various gemstones hold value and, depending upon the agreement of the parties involved, may be used as acceptable currency. In most major cities and towns within the Kingdom of Kormyre, a scholar or jeweler can quickly and accurately identify the value of gemstones.

For the purposes of understanding the cost of things, a mug of ale and some food along with some entertainment may cost someone a silver piece or two at a local tavern. Long term accommodations at an inn or purchasing a small weapon from the local weaponsmith may cost someone a handful of silver to a gold piece or two. A well-made longsword or a suit of battle-worthy armor may cost someone several gold pieces, and to have an item enchanted by a mage of high renown may cost in excess of fifty (50) gold pieces.

Common Goods

  • Mug of Ale - 1 silver piece

  • Goblet of Wine - 2 silver pieces

  • Bottle of Ale – 1 gold piece

  • Bottle of Wine – 2 gold pieces

  • Bread and cheese – 1 to 2 silver pieces

  • One unit of effort of a Craftsman's time (Smithing, Alchemy, or other profession) - 1 gold piece, plus materials


  • One month's supply of quality food or other consumable, prepared - 15 silver pieces

  • Quality clothing or other wearable, finished – 15 silver pieces

  • Good set of cookware or other durable, finished – 15 silver pieces

  • Small bottle of perfume or other luxury item, ready for use – 15 silver pieces


        These are costs given for the smith's time and skill, and do not include the materials themselves.

  • Normal Weapon – between 1 to 2 gold pieces

  • Silver Weapon – between 3 to 6 gold pieces

  • Gold Weapon – between 12 to 24 gold pieces

  • Meteoric Weapon – between 13 to 26 gold pieces

  • Mithril Weapon – between 23 to 46 gold pieces

  • Making a weapon of Superior quality - Add 10 Gold to the price

  • Making a weapon of Exalted quality - Add 10 Gold to the price

Repairs to weapons and armor vary greatly depending upon the materials involved, so it is best to consult with a smith as to both time and cost.


          These are costs given for the time and skill to create the potion only, and do not include the materials themselves.

  • Any Rank I Potion – 2 gold pieces

  • Any Rank II Potion – 4 gold pieces

  • Any Rank III Potion – 6 gold pieces

  • Any Rank IV Potion – 8 gold pieces

  • Any Flask - 18 gold pieces

Scrolls, Psalms, Canticles, and Ballads

  • Any Rank 1 Scroll, Psalm, Canticle, or Ballad - 2 gold pieces

  • Any Rank 2 Scroll, Psalm, Canticle, or Ballad - 4 gold pieces

  • Any Rank 3 Scroll, Psalm, Canticle, or Ballad - 6 gold pieces

  • Any Rank 4 Scroll, Psalm, Canticle, or Ballad - 8 gold pieces

  • Combined Illumination - as per cost of the two scrolls separately, plus 3 gold pieces

Essences and Magical Components

  • Elemental or Alchemical Essences (1, 1 use) – 1 gold piece

  • Lesser Essences / Rare Ceremonial / Sorcery Component (1, 1 use) – 10 gold pieces

  • Corpse Essences (1, 1 use) - 15 gold pieces

  • Greater Essences / Very Rare Ceremonial / Sorcery Component (1, 1 use) – 20 gold pieces

  • Astral Essences (1, 1 use) - 30 gold pieces


  • 1 Bundle of Ironwood – 5 gold pieces

  • 1 Shard of Crystal – 5 gold pieces

  • 1 Bar of Meteoric Ore – 10 gold pieces

  • 1 Bar of Electrum – 10 gold pieces

  • 1 Stack of Tamaril Hide – 10 gold pieces

  • 1 Bar of Mithril – 20 gold pieces

  • 1 Bundle of Wytchwood – 20 gold pieces

  • 1 Stack of Drake Scales – 20 gold pieces

  • Materials created by combining two materials together have no set price due to their rarity, but the Barony suggests that the combined materials be sold for a minimum of the cost of the two materials used in their creation, plus an additional 5 gold pieces for the smith’s time.

  • Materials not listed here, such as tritanium or elementium, are assumed to be rare enough that the Barony will not set prices on them. Buyer beware.

Artificer Creations

  • Rank 1 Socket - 50 gold pieces

  • Rank 2 Socket - 100 gold pieces

  • Rank 3 Socket - 200 gold pieces

  • Rank 4 Socket - 400 gold pieces

  • Rank 5 Socket - 800 gold pieces

  • Rank 6 Socket - 800 gold pieces (though this socket cannot be sold via traditional methods, this value is provided for the purposes of evaluating the worth of an item)

  • Rune of Protective Reinforcements - 20 gold pieces

  • Rune of Weapon Folding - 30 gold pieces

  • Rune of Mystic Skill - between 15-100 gold pieces, depending on complexity of rune

  • Rune with Maker’s Mark - x2 normal cost of rune

Prices of runes or stored rituals created by mages, druids, or priests are set by those respective organizations; however, the Barony suggests that they remain close to the guideline of 1 gold per unit of effort expended to create them, plus materials.


Academic Goods


  • Bauble - between 2-6 gold pieces

  • Devices - between 12-15 gold pieces

  • Inventions - between 24-28 gold pieces

  • Surveying Map - 20 gold pieces

  • Cartographer’s Map - 30 gold pieces

  • Tomes - 10g per subject/chapter/domain/sphere



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