Olaindrus, the Commoner’s Crown (March 21 - April 20)


Element: Fire, Aether

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Red

Ruler: Eremaeus Eremaeus

Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 17

Long ago in a young forming kingdom, a ruler was named.  The ruler was a powerful hero, capable of incredible feats.  The common people feared her and her power, worrying that one day she might lash out at them the way she bested the monsters and evils that invaded the kingdom.  She heard this fear and in turn called out for help. A being came to her and promised her a crown crafted of the stars themselves; a crown that would show her people that she was just like them.  When she wore this crown, it stripped her of her heroic powers, and the common people no longer feared her, but respected her choice of humility. Upon her death, the crown was taken back and returned to the stars from where it was forged.


Olaindrus is the sign of humility and understanding.  It is the sign of new beginning and reevaluation of your position in life.  Those of this sign tend toward reinventing themselves regularly to improve their lives or the lives around them in some way.



Eldryis, the Blade Dancer (April 20 - May 21)


Element: Earth, Starlight

Quality: Fixed

Color: Green

Ruler: Yorindell Yorindell

Lucky Numbers: 7, 20, 14

As a young child, Eldryis dreamed of being a mighty hero, famous for the deeds they would accomplish.  Their cruel parents, however, forbade the combat training and forced them to into performance in a nearby tavern.  For year they sang and danced, and cleverly brought weapons into their act, secretly inching toward their dream. When a vicious monster attacked the village, Eldyris was first to action, for no other seemed confident to fight.  They bested the monster with their sword-dancing style, but were mortally wounded. In their dying breath, they cried to the stars, wishing they could continue to protect their home. The stars answered and raised Eldryis among them, allowing the blade dancer to watch over the village eternally.


Eldryis is the sign of perseverance and secrecy.  Those under this sign keep to themselves more regularly, but also shrug off often those who would deter them from their goals.  They are stubborn in some ways, but still always looking out for what’s best for those they consider close.




Algowrath, the Sacrificer (May 21 - June 21)


Element: Air, Mystic

Quality: Mutable

Color: Black

Ruler: Tenebrous Tenebrous

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 14

In the ancient days when the demons invaded Arawyn, there was a dragon whose scales shined with silver and black.  He had a counterpart of white and gold. Both these dragons were far more powerful than the rest, leading the battle against the demon hoards.  Unfortunately, separately they could not overcome the demons, and in a shocking act of selflessness, Algowrath, the Enigmatic Dragon of Darkness, offered his power and lifeforce to his counterpart, Palinthorn.  In doing so, Algowrath had died, but his efforts increased Palinthorn’s power exponentially, giving him the power needed to face the demons and drive them out of Arawyn. When all was done, Palinthorn released what was left of his counterpart’s spirit back into the Spirit Realms where it could find final rest.  In the night sky, these faint traces of his soul can still be seen to this day.


Algowrath is the sign of selflessness and courage.  It takes great courage to know when you alone are not the answer to a problem, and it takes greater courage to admit that to one you consider a rival.  Those with this sign are givers, and will often keep giving to the last breath they have. This is not to say they are foolish in their gifts, they are always aware of what they do or help with leads to.



Kyrisa, the Lantern Herald (June 21 - July 23)


Element: Water, Sonic

Quality: Cardinal

Color: White, Yellow

Ruler: Asingard Asingard

Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 20

Once one of the great Twilight Star Bearers that lit up the night sky and protected the Spirit Realm from the harvestors and other threats, Kryisa was a formidable guardian.  Her duties led her to creating the ritual of the Protostar among other Constellar Rituals. But like the other Bearers, when the harvestor Gamaliel came to face her, she too fell.  Even in death, her light would not fade, and so her spirit dispersed among the stars, still holding her lantern high to ward away the monsters.


Kryisa is the sign of duty and determination.  Just like her light would not fade, so too does the light remain in those under her sign.  Defeat only means another chance to succeed in the eyes of one under Kryisa’s sign and they will continue to perform until the job is done.



Hazirus, Great Wyvern of the Winds (July 23 - August 23)


Element: Fire, Aether

Quality: Fixed

Color: Red, Orange

Ruler: Delfure Delfure

Lucky Numbers: 3, 18, 19

One of the nine Karithac Beasts, Hazirus was said to be the source of the Sun and summer.  Its body radiated such immense heat that it would melt snow and ice wherever it flew. The beast was considered by some cultures the herald of Summer.  While it burned hot, it was not violent. The wyvern was known to grant wishes to whoever braved its flames and touched its scales. The legend says that when the Sun was dying, a brave child managed to find the wyvern in its sleep and touch the scales.  The child’s wish was to bring the light back, and so, granting the wish, Hazirus flew into the sun, using his own burning fire to reignite it. As the sun descended that night, it left traces of the wyvern’s body in the sky.


Hazirus is the sign of passion and honesty.  The great wyvern encourages intensity from all action, supporting the pursuit of genuine desires.  Those under its sign ignite the flames of passion in others around them by the virtue of their own passions.  Equally, they have no time or patience for lying. Deceit often deters from desires, and turns others away from achieving what they want.



Nurremaralias, Heart of the Mountain (August 23 - September 23)


Element: Earth, Starlight

Quality: Mutable

Color: Purple

Ruler: Terrastrasza Terrastrasza

Lucky Numbers: 3, 13, 17

Once the great heart of the Quartz Mountains, Nurremaralias was a font of power and wisdom for the inhabitants around him.  He tended to the flora of the northern mountain and observed the academy that was founded on his land. When Necrophitus began his quest for power, the heart of the mountain bonded his spirit with Lucindra to combat him, leaving the crystalline remnants of his form to drift upwards into the sky where the stayed among the stars.


Nurremaralis is the sign of compassion and stalwartness.  He seeks to teach others and provide introspection, for the learned are those who understand those around them.  Those in his sign generally do similar, standing by their beliefs and give out wisdom. They are likely the kind of people who go out to offer advice to their friends.



Te’vash, the Harvester (September 23 - October 23)


Element: Air, Mystic

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Yellow, Orange

Ruler: Aralune Aralune

Lucky Numbers: 6, 10, 18

Te’vash has been known as the Soul of the Harvest for some.  During the harvest time, he has been seen aiding the struggling farmers yield the best crop, and stealing from avaricious land owners.  For what he steals, much is given to the poor and destitute, and some kept for himself. After the harvest, he returns to the stars to watch and pick who he helps and who he tricks.


Te’vash is the sign of greed and charity.  Some might say this is a strange dichotomy. Those born under his sign are more often the most generous, but also the most deceptive.  They don’t stand for the avarice of others and sometimes do what they can to take that away. Some follow the belief that all should earn equal, but rarely hesitate to ensure that those with more lose.



Archidemius, the Kraken (October 23 - November 22)


Element: Water, Sonic

Quality: Fixed

Color: Blue, Green

Ruler: Setharion Setharion

Lucky Numbers: 7, 8, 11

Archidemius was a colossal kraken that lived in the Niegh Ocean, terrorizing ships and sailors who dared pass through.  Its body poisoned the waters around it, killing off its prey. The beast was voracious and sought out larger and larger prey, until it came across Triton, the Primal Spirit of the sea.  Try as it might, it could not poison the leviathan. A violent battle ensued between the two as Triton attempted to stop the beast while it tried to devour him. Storms raged around the battle and tsunamis plagued coastlines.  It came to an end when Triton, with the beast wrapped around his body, swam to the surface and unleashed a powerful burst of water from his blowhole, launching it into the sky where it never returned from the stars.


Archidemius is the sign of competition and aggression.  Those in this sign love to take challenges on, especially if the odds are against them.  They’re quickest to fight, but not always out of malice, but because that is the means to a solution.  They’re always seeking to prove their worth to themselves, and often care little for the approval of other.  


Myrell, the Wanderer (November 22 - December 22)


Element: Fire, Aether

Quality: Mutable

Color: Yellow, Green

Ruler: Alabaster Palinthorn

Lucky Numbers: 4, 18, 19

Myrell was one of the powerful Arani who scribed the leylines, giving the power of resurrection to the mortal world.  In life, Myrell was very curious about the memories of those who died, keeping notes of them in her own records. She would visit many of the dying as they passed to sate her curiosity before she ferried them across the world and gave them new life.  When time came to scribe the lines, she did not use all her power for it, but left an imprint of herself in the sky so that she could continue watching from afar.


Myrell is the sign of curiosity and generosity.  Those in her sign are usually the book learners, the watchers, the ones who go out and study for the sake of knowing.  They always want to see and know more. Not for any academic reasons, but to sate the internal urge. But it is not always selfish either. This knowledge then helps them help others in the way they tend to do best.



Ilthuene, the Great Tree (December 22 - January 20)


Element: Earth, Starlight

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Brown

Ruler: Valestreszi Valestreszi

Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 9

Once upon a time there was a seedling who wished to reach tall and sit among the stars, and so determined, it grew and grew.  The tree tried so hard to reach among the stars, that over time it grew larger than any of the other trees around it. The wish it had continued to give it strength and patience.  One night a powerful storm struck, and howling winds swept across the land. When day came and the storm cleared, the tree was snapped and fallen. The others around mourned for it.  The following night, however, the sky appeared different and the trees saw new stars; stars shaped like branches that finally reached the sky.


Ilthuene is the sign of ambition and patience.  Equally combative, these two traits, when balanced, can work in wonderful harmony for those who aim for their goals.  Those in this sign are often always working to achieve that balance inpursuit of their lofty goals.

Triton, the Sleeping Titan (January 20 - February 19)


Element: Air, Mystic

Quality: Fixed

Color: Turqouise

Ruler: Izzuri Izzuri

Lucky Numbers: 9, 12, 13

Great primal spirit of the sea, Triton was considered a protector of the oceans of Arawyn.  His final battle was against Archidemius, who rended his body with its clawed tentacles and poisoned him.  The leviathan defeated the kraken in this battle, and still would not perish from the wounds until his final task was complete.  To the deepest reach of the ocean he swam, leaving a red tide behind him from his wounds. At the bottom of the ocean he lay, into his final rest, where his body could serve to protect the creatures of the sea that would dwell within.  With his body at rest, his spirit swam up and into the sky to finish his battle with Archidemius.


Triton is the sign of hope and vindication.  Those in his sign are among the most stubborn people you’ll meet.  They are stubborn in both word and action, but tend toward not needing concrete support in what they do. They rely most on their own belief and the belief of others.



Aashirya, the Tempest Hunter (February 19 - March 21)


Element: Water, Sonic

Quality: Mutable

Color: Brown, Blue

Ruler: Palinthorn Alabaster

Lucky Numbers: 7, 13, 14

A great warrior who lived in the deserts, she was a legend among her people for bringing water back to them during a great drought.  Through life she performed many feats that garnered her fame among her people and others. In her final trial, she had saved a spirit of nature and brought light back to a shrouded forest, though mortally wounded herself.  The spirit offered her peace at rest, and recognition for her bravery. Upon her death, the spirit placed a star in the sky for each of her heroic deeds, taking the form of her first, when she brought water back to the sands.


Aashirya is the sign of honor and responsibility.  Those in her sign swear more to uphold their values and follow through with their commitments than most.  The importance of keeping your word is paramount. However, responsibility is not always meant for others, as they tend to be less sociable people.


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