Recollection of the Chaos War by Aleister Tartaros

               No one saw it coming; the demon’s plans. Each kingdom was too focused on fighting against each other for one reason or another. In the end, those reasons were all just a farce to blind them from the truth. The invasion was coming and the world had only enough time to brace for impact. The wars began in the year 1212. Gaaldron declared war on Kormyre. Coast Haven declared war on Khitan. The Elves against the Londwyns and those living under the mountains against each other. Some called it the War of the World, but no one seemed to want to be part of it.

                It was in December of 1212 that the truth was unveiled. Xualla made himself known to the world, declaring his war against the entirety of mortal kind. The Material Plane was his battleground and he wanted to claim it for himself and all demonkind. By then it was too late, the devastation wrought by the wars between kingdoms left too many in disarray to prepare. As the year went on, Xualla’s plans continued to push forward. Chaos Orbs, pinhole sized gateways to the Abyss, sprouted up all over the world in anticipation for the coming end. Demons trickled in through them slowly at first. Word around the world was that Travance was going to stop him, but even with that, the outlook was grim.

                June of 1213 was when Kormyre fell. Two of Xualla’s agents led the charge into the castle. The king was safe, but Castle Nostrov and Alieander were lost. October was when it all finally began. The barriers between the planes shattered and colossal demons muscled their way through the torn space. Over the next two months, the chaos orbs began opening into portals allowing the demons to come through and lay waste to everything in their path. The poured from the portals like locusts, killing hundreds of people.

                It was December of 1213 when he finally came through. Xualla and his companion Baalfurous opened the Master Gateway in Travance, and legions of demons followed. To most, all hope was lost. The Chaos War was to be won by the demonic forces of Xualla. There were some, however, who did not give up. The heroes of Travance; the people who stood at the threshold of the Master Gateway did not give up. The sliver of hope they held came in the form of a weapon forged by the Dragons and the Legacy left behind by a powerful Sorcerer in the form of a Pegasus. These two factors were their beacon in the coming darkness.

                They fought. They fought hard. Xualla’s armies crashed upon them like a tidal wave. Even for them, all hope was nearly lost, but the Pegasus revitalized their will to fight in their darkest hour. The heroic sacrifices the people of Travance made prevailed against the armies of the Abyss.

                Xualla was slain. Baalfurous had fled. While the world is devastated and demons still roam, slaughtering who they can, there is a light that shines through the darkness. Travance, with all its power, though broken, remains a bulwark against the forces that would destroy the world. For any person who would seek to empower themselves for whatever purpose, Travance became the place to train and grow stronger. It is there that new heroes would be molded so that they could return home and stave off the looming darkness. It is there that the Fourth Age of Arawyn began and it is there that the sun rose bringing light to the Dawn of Heroes.


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