Penned by Historian Shenin Hazzik, Sage of Chronicler

Before the Chaos Wastes were what they are now, they used to be home to a human kingdom. This place was ruled by the once great King Gosteli. He and his followers were devout servants of Syrith, the god of Light and Justice. The prosperity did not last, however, as Malyc (Who had recently ascended to Godhood) declared war upon the heavens and Syrith himself. The battle was fought and it was vicious. Syrith, unfortunately, fell to his demise at the hands of Malyc. In a fit of arrogance, Malyc cast the body of Syrith down to the mortal realm, onto the staff of a statue of Syrith where King Gosteli was praying. The blood of the god fell upon Gosteli, raising him to divine power, affording him the opportunity to battle Malyc. No longer a mortal king, Valos Gosteli claimed the head of the Light Pantheon and remained there ever since.

The tower has since been claimed by Malyc as a beacon of his destructive power, now twisting the once great kingdom into a barren wasteland of horrific and chaotic power.

More still, there was a dual purpose to claiming this location, within the spirit realm exists one of the 6 Healing Obelisks; the Obelisk of Spirit. The obelisk was last seen under Malyc's command in the spirit realm side of the chaos wastes, it was what he used to create the original Soul Harvestors.

The most recent news to come out of this place happened much more recently. A few years back a monster was released from imprisonment; the Soul Devourer. This creature was released by an Arch Devil of Galmachis who sought to claim the god's throne.

Since then, the Soul Devourer has been noted as roaming the Chaos Wastes, slaughtering the forces of Malyc and any other that may find themselves lost there.


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