Penned by Historian Shenin Hazzik, Sage of Chronicler

Telligrim was one of the many children of the Enigmatic Dragon, Algowrath (Black and Silver counterpart to the White and Gold Palinthorn). Unlike the others, he was defiant against the rules set forth by the higher beings and even the dragons, refusing to remain within the Valley of the Dragons. This defiance is what ultimately led him to where he is today.

Once when he had left the Valley, he happened upon a girl singing in an enchanted glade. Coincidentally enough, that Glade was the one found in Travance that helped to stop the dark elven matron of house Jade'Arith some years ago. The girl knew of the dragon and purposefully sang the song to enamor the him and claim him as her own. This was the first time he was tricked by a mortal being, but it was a trick he had intended to play on her as well. Arriana and Telligrim were inseperable from that point on.

The Black sorceress and her Dragon had two children, Bellock and Nimfear. Nimfear, the one who was left behind in the Valley of the dragons, would ultimately confine Telligrim to his tower in Evernight with a mortal wound delivered with Farslayer. It was this confinement in undeath that allowed the events to unfold that would take Arriana away from him.

It was centuries later that Arriana would assault Travance with her incredible power and the forces of Evernight, but by the hand of Duke Leoric, be defeated. With no hopes of beating the sorceress, Duke Leoric, a White Sorcerer, killed himself in order to activate his Legacy Ritual. He had hoped the ritual would kill the vile woman, but rather, she was far too powerful for that. Instead, the ritual imprisoned her memories, leaving her mute and wandering the world. Her disappearance would fuel Telligrim's hatred of Travance and those who aided in his wife's downfall for the years to come afterward.


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