Penned by Historian Shenin Hazzik, Sage of Chronicler

Much of the Fey's history has been left for little to know about. It was known that he gave up his heart to help create the weave, ultimately making him unable to leave this plane like the rest of the fey. At some point in his history, he vanished from existence.

This was until August 1204, when someone in Travance, told another a story. And then those people told more the same story and it spread like wildfire through the town. But something was amiss. Others could see it. If you asked anyone who might have known about the book how they were, they would always tell you, "I'm fine. Why do you ask?" It was a code. It was a code to know who was enchanted by the book that was being read to every member of Travance who would be willing to listen to it.

This book was the prison in which Corsair had been contained since his disappearance and Travance had finally set him free.

For the years to come he would make appearances, delighting in his new playground, scorning those who would slight him with excessive force. For much of that time, the town worked in secret to find a way to defeat him, but never to any avail. While some of his antics resulted in catastrophic ends, such as releasing an avatar of Miranda when bringing the scrolls of wonder together, he also did some good for the town.

When an Arch Demon had destroyed the phokus Travance held on to for so long, he had provided a new one to the young Angelica Tellinghast as a gift; the phokus that the town still utilizes to this day.

No one truly knows what the fey's ultimate goal has become or even if he has one anymore, but in 1215, all he seemed to desire was to stop a dragon.


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