The Baronial Guard will attempt to make the streets of Travance Proper safe to walk at night for the common subject. Every Baronial Guardsman carries with them a Baronial document signed by the Baron(ess), empowering them to the fulfillment of their duties. They will be posting guards at buildings and patrolling streets of both heavy and light traffic. Late at night when it is hard to identify approaching figures, a Baronial Guardsman may call out “Who goes there?” Every subject who is addressed in this manor must immediately and respectfully state their name. Any subject who does not comply, or does comply in a negative manor is jeopardizing the safety of the people and the integrity of the system. Any uncooperative subjects will be brought up on charges of endangering innocent lives. For the well being of the common subjects these and all matters pertaining to the royal guard will not be taken lightly. At anytime if a common subject is in need of an armed escort, go to the royal barracks or speak to the captain of the Baronial Guard to request one. The Baronial Guard have been trained to protect the innocent subjects, enforce the laws of Travance and guard the Baron(ess). They have been trained to do so with dignity and while giving the utmost respect to all deserving subjects. I thank you all for your cooperation in helping to improve our lands.

Any subjects wishing to make application to the Baronial Guard must speak with the Baron(ess) or the Captain of the Baronial Guard, so that they may evaluate their abilities to serve Travance.


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