Baronial Offices of Travance 

The Baronial Offices are a position of honor, respect, and responsibility with Travance. These offices are the foundation of civilization within a land that was once considered a frontier. Though position in a Baronial Office does not confer noble title to the Officer, it is possible for one of noble title to also serve as an Officer of the Barony. All Officers of the Barony, be they noble or common, are protected by Baronial law as if they were of noble title.

Every officer is expected to maintain a named assistant or backup in order to ensure the continued maintenance of the Baronial Office in the case that the respective Officer is unable to fulfill their duties. The Officer’s Assistant has no power to act on the Officer’s behalf in their absence without explicit permission given by the Baron or Seneschal.

All Officers and assistants, unless otherwise noted, are expected to hold no sworn oaths of fealty to a noble within Travance other than to the Baron himself.

Offices of Administration

Office of the Seneschal
Seneschal Lois Maxwell
Adjunct Thalia Burdorn
The Seneschal is the highest Officer of the Barony, reporting directly to and taking orders solely from the Baron. The Seneschal’s first priority is addressing the needs and wishes of the Baron, so that he might be better equipped to serve Travance. The Seneschal has direct power and oversight of all Baronial Officers, which must report on the routine conduct of their Offices to the Seneschal, who, in-turn, provides the Baron with reports as he requires. The Seneschal assumes direct oversight of any office not currently occupied or having immediate representation.
The Seneschal has direct supervisory control over the recognized guilds acting within the borders of the Barony, and may dictate instruction or direction when prudent to the betterment of the Barony.
The Seneschal may further be asked to act as “The Voice of the Baron”, but only in the capacity of communicating the Baron’s wishes to His subjects, which may include disseminating orders to those above the Seneschal’s station.
Finally, in the absence of and inability to communicate with the Baron in a times of crisis where Baronial law and/or mandate does not clearly dictate protocol, the Seneschal is empowered to convene Special Sessions of Council, which will include all available and present Lords and Ladies, as well as only those whom the Seneschal selects to be included.
The Adjunct serves as an assistant to the Seneschal in the duties of her office, and in addition takes meeting notes and maintains a brief summary of the month’s events.

Office of the Exchequer
Chancellor of the Exchequer Coran Tanwyn
Vice Chancellor of the Exchequer Arradir Go-Dringol
The Chancellor of the Exchequer is responsible for the Treasury of the Barony in addition to overseeing all matters of trade within the Barony. The Chancellor is also responsible for the collection of taxes due the Barony, and is the Master of the Merchants’ Guild. The Chancellor is additionally responsible for overseeing Market Faire and distributing pay to Baronial Knights, Guard, and Officers.

Office of Supply
Baronial Quartermaster Angrin McCoy
Assistant Baronial Quartermaster Mouse
The Baronial Quartermaster is charged with maintaining and distributing armaments and supplies to enable the Baronial Knights, Guard, and Offices to fulfill their duties, or to aid the Barony in times of crisis. The responsibilities of the position on a daily basis include creating and/or contracting the creation and/or stockpiling of arms, armor, and other useful supplies which can be crafted for distribution to the Baronial Knights, Guard, and Officers, which includes but is not limited to , armor, potions, scrolls, trinkets, etc., as well as arranging for the training of crafters new to Travance who seek to improve their skills in the interest of strengthening, aiding, and providing services to Travance.

Office of Relations
Ambassador to (unoccupied at this time)
Ambassador to (unoccupied at this time)
Ambassador to (unoccupied at this time)
Ambassador to (unoccupied at this time)
In the interest of communication, trade, and good relations with other nations the Baron may appoint the position and title of Ambassador to given individuals. The Ambassador is expected to travel in order to interact with their respectively designated country or culture and perform negotiations on the Baron’s behalf. Further, in times of situations local to the Barony where their respectively designated country of culture is involved, the Ambassador is expected to act as an advisor alongside the Baron throughout its conclusion. The responsibility of this position and title does not require a subject to renounce his or her sworn oath of fealty if they have sworn fealty to a noble of Travance other than the Baron himself.

Office of Prosperity

Office of Records
Baronial Clerk Gliwen Nethrion
Editor-in-Chief of The Chronicle Lorelai Sihnon
Census Officer Haz Polzin
The Baronial Clerk is responsible for collecting and maintaining public records, publications, and literature for the consumption of and concerning the Barony and its subjects. They are further responsible for the upkeep of the Baronial Library, which includes maintaining a catalogue of available books and reference material, and adding or replacing books as needed.
The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for reporting to the Baronial Clerk in the capacity of the creation and publication of The Chronicle as a publication for the subjects of the Barony.
The Census is responsible for reporting to the Baronial Clerk in the capacity of recording and maintaining the current retinue of nobles, officers, vassals, and guilds, and their positions therein, within the Barony of Travance. The responsibility of this position and title does not require a subject to renounce his or her sworn oath of fealty if they have sworn fealty to a noble of Travance other than the Baron himself.

Chancellery of the Arts
Chancellor of the Arts Sindarion Sinclair
Vice Chancellor of the Arts (unoccupied at this time)
The Chancellor of the Arts is responsible for encouraging artistic expression in the Barony, and for promoting recognition of the finest efforts of its subjects. This includes, but is not limited to, the organization of theatrical and/or musical performances for the subjects of Travance, the performance of instrumental music during the monthly Baronial Feast, and post-Feast performances.

Office of Baronial Health
Master of Health Sir Simon Maxwell
Assistant Master of Health (unoccupied at this time)
The Master of Health is responsible for the health and well being of the Baron and his subjects. He is the sole person responsible for managing the process by which anyone within the boundaries of the Barony may be granted a writ to carry and use poisons, and must maintain an accurate listing of all those granted this privilege. Such writs must be signed-off on by the Baron himself. He is further responsible for inoculating the Baron and Baronial Officers against diseases and poisons, and for seeing to the mental health of the Baron, the Baronial Knights, Officers, and Guard.

Office of Security

Office of the Guard
Captain of the Guard Oren Tenderson
Vice-Captain (unoccupied at this time)
The Captain of the Guard is the enforcer of the law, charged with several tasks. Their responsibilities include: enforcing the law through detainment, questioning, and arrest of anyone not of Nobility, unless instructed to do so by the Baron, or, in his absence, the Seneschal. The Captain additionally keeps public order by organizing patrols of the land, may carry out summary trial for petty crime and enforce Minor punishments, and is responsible for military readiness and training of the Guard.
Each of the Baronial lands as well as the Barony itself are to have an established Guard with a respective Captain, whom is a Knight of said jurisdiction. They report directly to the Lord of the land to which they are assigned, or the Seneschal if they are the Baronial Captain. Baronial guards may be called upon by other offices of the Barony in the course of those officer’s duties

Office of Intelligence
Magistrate Robert Tzareeth
The Magistrate investigates crimes and hears cases both noble and common.
The Inquisitor secures confessions, statements of evidence, or executes sentences at the discretion of the Magistrate. Inquisitors are appointed by and answer to the Magistrate, at the approval of the Baron, to carry out their duties.
At the direction of the Magistrate, Inquisitors may conduct investigations in all lands of the Barony, not just the Proper, and question anyone of Knight’s station or lower; if they do so, they should let the Lord or Lady of the land know as a courtesy. Where the Guard is responsible for investigating crimes within the lands of the Baronial Estate, the Inquisitors focus instead on cross-land crimes, rooting out sedition or treason, or any investigations that directly involve Nobility. They are permitted to use any questioning technique, including torture, in the course of their duties. They may also conscript members of the Office of the Guard for assistance.

Office of the Castellan
Castellan Sir Pluvious
Onyx Guard Clytie Corentin
Onyx Guard Grashügel
Onyx Guard (unoccupied at this time)
Onyx Guard (unoccupied at this time)
The Castellan is responsible for the personal defense of the Baron, his residence, and his Office. This includes arranging and commanding the Baron’s personal Guard, ensuring the Baron has all manner of protections and contingencies for preservation of his life, sees to the defenses and upkeep of said defenses to the Baron’s residence, and ensuring the protection of the Offices and Officers of the Barony. The Castellan should maintain a dedicated, loyal contingent of guard, labeled the Onyx Guard, for the purpose of fulfilling their duty, but may conscript members of the Office of the Guard for assistance.

Office of War
Warlord Dame Emiline Paterson
Bannerman Squire Dennis Brand
The Warlord is the tactical military leader of the Barony. In times of an assault on the Barony, during the Declaration of War, or in any instance when the Warlord is present and combat ensues within the borders of the Barony the Warlord is the leading voice in all tactical decisions and military actions, whose orders supersede any and all other orders save only the Baron’s himself. Failure to adhere to the Warlord’s orders in such times is considered a criminal offense. Aside from commanding any and all combatants loyal to the Barony during such times, the Warlord is further responsible for the training and military readiness of all military forces, which includes individual military contingents from the respective lands of the Barony, the Baronial Guard, and any militia residing in the Barony, which includes drilling formations, maneuvers, and combat techniques.

Office of the Occult
Mistress of the Occult Tari Zafirah
(description pending)



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