Travance is a Barony ruled by a Baron or Baroness and comprised of five provinces. These five provinces are named Allisandria, Pendarvin, Drega'Mire, Kaladonia, and Ostcliff. Allisandria is lush and green with rolling hills and fertile soil. It is comprised of the southeastern section of Travance. Pendarvin is a mountainous region filled with rich mines and caves. It is comprised of the northeastern section of Travance. Drega'Mire is a swampy land filled with mysterious vegetation that bear the fruit of many magical components. It is comprised of the southwestern section of Travance. Kaladonia is heavily wooded with great oak trees. It is comprised of the northwestern section of Travance. To the east of Pendarvin and Alisandria lies the new land of Ostcliff, formerly known as Mordavia. These provinces are overseen by Lords, and these lords have knights and vassals. In the epicenter of the Barony of Travance is Travance Proper. 

Travance Proper

Travance Proper is a plot of land approximately 200 acres in size. This area is were the Baron(ess) of Travance has made his residence. For most of the time, the Baron(ess) oversees all activities and duties in Travance Proper. Every moon however the Baron(ess)’s feast is held and the other Lords and their Knights and Vassals are invited to stay in Travance Proper for a few days. During this time that the lords visit Travance Proper, the Baron(ess) frequently takes advantage of their presence by retreating to his or her mansion to catch up on his or her royal obligations, royal papers to be sent to the king and the such. While any of the Lords are present, their words are final unless in an extremely rare case it is overturned by the Baron(ess).

This is the ranking chain of authority in Travance:

  1. The Baron(ess)
  2. The Lords
  3. The Seneschal
  4. The Knights
  5. The Vassals

Vassals are personal retainers to the lords. They hold such positions as court mage, advisor, captain of their town guard, trainer at their schools, chancellor, etc. They are not considered to be nobility, nor do they normally have any more power than does any other common man. However they frequently have the support of the noble that they are currently working under, and there is something to be said about a person who has the backing of a noble. You can identify who is vassaled and under whom, because the vassals will usually wear a distinguishing color or insignia belonging to the noble they work for. The Baron(ess) also appoints his or her own knights and vassals of Travance Proper.

The Baronial Guard

In the five provinces of Travance lies a guard for each one of their towns. In Travance Proper however, because it is the residence of the Baron(ess), there is no town guard, but rather a Baronial Guard, working for the Baron(ess). The purpose of the Baronial Guard is to protect the innocent subjects, enforce the laws of Travance and guard the Baron(ess). The Baronial Guards are considered to be Vassals of the Baron(ess). They are empowered by a baronial document that every member carries, allowing them to perform their duties with the authoritative backing of the Baron(ess).


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