Types of Writs
Travancian Writ: This writ grants the bearer permission to carry, use, buy, and sell poisons in all of Travance, including the Lands. This requires Great Council review and approval

Baronial Writ: This writ grants the bearer permission to carry, use, buy, and sell poisons in the Proper, Valdalis Crossroads, and other Baronial estates only.

Physician's Writ: This writ grants the bearer permission to obtain poisons within the Proper and Baronial estates, in the presence of anyone with a valid Baronial or Travancian Writ, for the purpose of performing inoculations or education. The poisons must be used immediately and their use must be supervised by someone with a Baronial Writ.

Land Writ: This writ grants various permissions related to poisons within one of the lands of Travance. It is issued by the Lord of the land or his designee. The terms are decided by the Lord of the land, and the writ is only valid for use within that land.

These conditions apply to those holding Travancian, Baronial, or Physician’s Writs. Lords of the individual lands may set their own conditions for their writs within their borders. As always, the Baron’s word can override these at any time.
1) Poisons are not to be distributed to non-writ holders under any circumstances.
2) Buying and selling of poisons must only occur between writ bearers. You may not buy or sell poisons otherwise.
3) Those with higher writs are expected to assist those with Physician’s Writs when possible. Bearers of Physician’s Writs are expected not to impose unduly upon the time of the bearers of higher writs.
4) You must carry your writ on you. If you do not have your writ when asked, you must turn over your poisons to someone who is authorized to carry them, or destroy them. This may carry further penalty according to the laws of the Barony and if you are able to furnish your writ later on.
5) If you lose your writ you must notify the Master of Health immediately.
6) A small fee will be charged every January and June for continued use of the writ. The writ of anyone who fails to pay the fee will be considered invalid, and they must turn over or destroy their poisons.
7) Additional conditions may be added to writs on an individual basis.

Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in the revocation of the writ.

Application for a Writ
Applicants may speak with the Master of Health or Seneschal in person, or send a missive to the Master of Health. Applicants must state their reasons for desiring a writ in detail. References are recommended.

Those holding Travancian, Baronial, or Physician’s Writs must pay a fee from the following list. If you will not be in the Proper during the appropriate month, you may make alternate arrangements for delivery of payment. It is on your shoulders to pay the fee on time; the Barony will not be reminding you.
Choose One:
•10 gold;
•Perform an inoculation of someone as directed by a Baronial official;
•10 Elemental or Alchemical essences, of any type;
•1 Lesser essence of Divine, Arcane, or Druidic nature;
•5 of the following alchemy, in any combination: Giant Strength, Salve of Healing, Potion of Lesser Healing, Salve of Soothing;
•2 of the following alchemy, in any combination: Itching Powder, Potion of Moderate Healing, Potion of Lesser Antidote, Potion of Lesser Refreshment, Clarity Bomb, Potion of Sleep
•1 of the following alchemy: Potion of True Heroism, Paste of Mending, Potion of Greater Healing, Smelling Salts, Greater Refreshment


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