Knight Realms is an acting organization located in the New Jersey / New York / Pennsylvania area. Its members improve their acting skills and social skills while having fun playing a game. Every month we exclusively rent a large camp or park that has rustic yet suitable accommodations and dress the area up to resemble a medieval/fantasy setting in which the game takes place.

All members of the organization play a role in the setting. Some choose to exercise their submergence into a character and focus themselves in one role for the entire weekend; others option to exercise their spectrum and play a great many different characters. Most members become long term, meaning they participate in the organization for years and years, although there is no obligation to do so.

We strive for everyone who leaves each Knight Realms event to be a slightly better actor or a better speaker or have a little more confidence or gain something from the experience no matter how small. Members who are naturally shy or timid tend to “grow out of their shell” here and learn to be more sociable over time. Members who are already outgoing tend to greatly improve their acting and performing skills over time through both role submerging and through role diversity. Some of our members are also people who have professional or stressful jobs and are simply looking for a way to escape the grind of reality, for a weekend of fun and acting.  

No one will laugh at you or criticize you for your acting skill or lack there of, because everyone knows that over time you will improve.  Many members, especially the staff, will help you to learn to improve your skill if you simply ask. Observe the members that seem exceptionally skilled, also interacting with their characters will help as well.  

The acting is purely improvisational and the game is flavored with a plot and storyline, but no script; meaning the stories outcome is not predestined and the members have an active say in how things turn out through their acting and actions.  The game is governed by rules and stage combat is performed with safe “boffer” or foam latex weaponry.

The bottom line is that we want you to have fun through acting and learn something or improve yourself in some way in the process.

Welcome to our community!

- James C. Kimball
  Founder / Director


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