Knight Realms is an acting organization that offers its members an intensely challenging environment of excitement, intrigue, and fun. When playing a weekend of Knight Realms you are offered an opportunity to bring a character of your own design to life, taking on the role for yourself. The Knight Realms community gathers roughly once a month to don our costumes and makeup to live out the trials and adventures of the people of Travance.

Knight Realms is set in a medieval world of high fantasy. Characters range from your local blacksmiths and heroic cavaliers, to goblinoid thieves, hobbit bakers and all things in between as well as far beyond. Players wear period costuming and various make-ups ranging from your everyday to pointed elf ears, body paint, and full prosthetic facial applications. We strive, through costuming and makeup, as well as atmosphere, to create an environment at the game such that cell phones, classes and work on Monday all fade away and are replaced with the thrill of finding adventure and danger in the least likely of places.

Knight Realms encourages an environment that fosters individual creativity and stimulates the senses. Our director, staff, and volunteers are continually adding props, decorations, and story lines that cause our players to develop memorable and entertaining characters. We provide an intense experience each weekend that can prove to be too much for some. From the opening of the game Friday evening, until the game ends on Sunday afternoon, the game never stops. Monsters roam at all hours as do thieves and assassins. Even a simple walk back to a cabin to get an extra cloak may prove deadly for your character if you are not careful.

The story of a character is whatever a player chooses to make of it. Each month we gather as a community to play out the lives of these characters we have created. There is no script that a character has to follow, your words and choices are your own and carry with them the some consequences they would in life.

When coming to your first Knight Realms event, be ready for drama, adventure and a whole lot of exercise. The clashing of swords and running towards and away from monsters and cut throats can be fun and rewarding, but also incredibly tiring. When these elements of physicality, props and imagination are combined they form to create the total Knight Realms experience.


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