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Knight Realms FAQ

How often do you play?

Knight Realms runs one weekend a month, every month of the year no matter the weather. We also have a few bonus events throughout the year such as a week long event in early Summer, an Alt event in Spring, and a Masquerade Ball in the Fall.

Where do you play?

The game takes place in Sparta, New Jersey on the grounds of Camp Sacajawea, a 200+ acre former Girl Scout camp. The Director of Knight Realms purchased the grounds 9 years ago, and has spent that time transforming the camp into an incredible play space complete with various housing buildings, a jousting arena, palisade wall, pavilion, and an Inn all fully decorated to match the Medieval fantasy atmosphere of the game world.

Where do you sleep?

There are many buildings on camp including the main Inn that have bunk room style sleeping areas. When you Sign In, there will be someone with a list of open bunks who can help you find a place to stay for the weekend. Most of the buildings are heated for the Winter, and two have indoor plumbing. There are also many tent platforms around the grounds and the tents are up from Spring to Fall. There are mattresses in the buildings and on tent platforms, but players will need to bring their own bedding or sleeping bag. Additionally, players are welcome to bring their own tents and set up around the various fields on camp. Along with the bathrooms in two of the housing buildings, there are two bath houses on the grounds with restrooms and showers.

How many people play?

Knight Realms has a few hundred players. Due to the outdoor nature of the game, attendance does fluctuate with seasons and weather. More players participate in Spring, Summer, and Fall, and slightly less in Winter. But a core player base of over a hundred people will still be there running around fighting in the snow.

How long is each event?

Sign in begins at 7pm Friday night at Logistics. New Players must be at a mandatory New Player Training that will begin between 8-8:30 pm in either the Inn or the Barn. Information on the exact time and location of New Player Training will be available in Logistics at Sign In. Announcements with important game information begin in the Inn at 9 pm on Friday night, with Lay On occurring at 10 pm. Game runs 24 hours around the clock from 10 pm on Friday night until Lay Off at 2 pm on Sunday afternoon. Players are in character the entire time while in the immersive game spaces, with the exception of their four hour NPC shift.

What is an immersive game?

From Lay On to Lay Off, players are in character, interacting with the world and each other. There are designated “Out of Game” spaces such as the bathrooms and Logistics, but the rest of the camp is considered “In Game”. This immersion continues 24 hours a day and includes all of the housing buildings. This means that if goblins burst into the building you are sleeping in late at night, you are still considered in game, the goblins are there, and must be dealt with. There are of course times when players must go “out of game” for emergencies, safety, or to tend to their wellbeing. In which case, they simply move away from the active play area so as not to disrupt others.

What is an NPC shift?

Every player takes a four hour shift playing the other members of the fantasy game world. This may take the form of commoners coming to the heroes for help, interesting people or creatures for the heroes to interact with or other more role play based encounters. Or you may play varying levels of antagonists for the heroes to fight or otherwise deal with. The NPC shift is the perfect time to try out different play and combat styles to see what is the most comfortable and fun, and to learn the rules by practicing different skill sets. There will always be both Marshals and veteran players available to help explain how various skills and rules work and show newer players the ropes. Players select their NPC shifts at Sign In and are expected to show up on time wearing plain black clothes, and bringing their character card but none of their other character items or costuming. In the Winter, it is important to bring appropriately colored coats, gloves, and hats to stay warm as NPC roles do often require being outside. At the end of the shift, every player must get their character signed off by the Marshal.

Does the game provide food?

Breakfast is available for sale in the Inn in the mornings for either in game gold or out of game money. Every Saturday evening, there is a medieval feast served for dinner in the Inn. Vegetarian options are available at feast, and other dietary concerns can be discussed with the kitchen staff. Other players do often bring or cook food to share with everyone, but breakfast and Saturday feast are the guaranteed meals provided by the game. Water and coffee are always available in the Inn.

What if I don’t have costuming or weapons?

If you don’t have weapons or costuming your first event, bring all black clothing and the game can loan you some from our NPC supplies. After that, there are many players and a dedicated Facebook group that will happily help you acquire or improve your costuming and weapons in whatever way is most feasible for you, be that making things or purchasing them. We all started somewhere, and are happy to lend our collective expertise in how to make whatever pieces you can get your hands on look cool and genre appropriate.

What are your weapon standards?

Safety is our biggest priority with all LARP weapons. Every weapon brought to the game must be checked by a Marshal before it is allowed into play. Knight Realms is a full contact, lightest touch game, so weapons must be soft enough to not hurt someone. We accept both boffer and latex weapons, but NERF weapons are too hard to be safe for combat. We also allow boffer archery so long as the arrows are professionally made instead of home made. Combat is slashing only, no thrusting, even with thrusting-tip weapons.

What if I don’t want to fight?

You don’t have to. There are many ways to engage with the game content, and combat is only one of them. Knight Realms is a fully developed, immersive world with many avenues and styles of play to explore.

How old do you have to be to play?

Players must be at least 10 years old if accompanied by a guardian to participate, and at least 14 years old to engage in combat (pending a safety clearance). Knight Realms is a PG-13 game, and official game content will not exceed that rating. Our player base spans a wide range of ages and we do our best to make the game a welcoming environment to everyone.

Where can I find the Rulebook?

The Rulebook is available to download for free on the Knight Realms website. You are not required to learn all the rules before attending. There is an introductory class to teach new players how to play before their first game, and people will always be happy to answer questions and help you learn as you go. On the website, you will also find the Forums, including the New Player section. Here you can post questions before you attend an event, get help with making a character, and get any concerns you may have addressed by Marshals, Staff, or Player Representatives.

What if I need help with something while at game?

There are many people available to help you with whatever you need. The Knight Realms Staff, Storytellers, Marshals, Player Representatives, and Safety Team are all there to make sure that the players are safe, comfortable, and having fun. You can identify these individuals by the pewter shield pins they wear on their garb. If you do not see one, you can head to Logistics, or any player would be happy to point you in the direction of someone who can help you. Knight Realms is a community, and we do our best to take care of each other so we can continue to share incredible adventures together.

How much does an event cost?

A full weekend event, including lodging, parking, all game content, and the meals provided costs $50. If you choose to play an NPC full time all weekend, the event is free.

Should I come play Knight Realms?

Yes! Our community loves welcoming new players, and we look forward to seeing you there!


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