This page covers general questions about Knight Realms. For questions about playing your first game, please check out our "Your First Event" page. Also, Parents may want to check our Parent's Info page.

What exactly is Knight Realms?

Knight Realms is an acting organization where its members improve their acting and social skills while having fun playing a game. We exclusively rent a large camp or park that has rustic yet suitable accommodations and dress the area up to resemble a medieval / fantasy setting in which the game takes place.

All members of the organization play a role in the setting. Some choose to exercise their submergence into a character and focus themselves in one role for the entire weekend; others option to exercise their spectrum and play a great many different characters.

The game is flavored with a plot and storyline, but no script. The acting is purely improvisational. The game is governed by rules and stage combat is performed with safe “boffer” or foam latex weaponry.

OK, what's a "boffer weapon"?

A "boffer weapon" is a safe replica of a sword, axe, or other medieval weapon that is used to play out combat. Boffer weapons are light, padded prop weapons, and they are designed to break if struck against someone with enough force to actually hurt the person. They are usually made from PVC piping and have pipe foam insulation on them, covered in duct tape. Some weapons use other materials instead of PVC as the core, such as fiberglass or graphite - these are called "ultralight" because they are made with light-weight kite supplies, and move very fast.

In the past few years, weapons made of foam latex (or similar materials) have begun to be produced in mass quantities, and sold online or at conventions and such.  These are more expensive than the traditional boffer weapon, but look far superior, and usually are more durable if well cared for.

What's with all the costumes and makeup?

Knight Realms is set roughly in the year 1200 - or a "medieval" setting. Also, it is a "high fantasy" story, with elves, dwarves, goblins, wizards, and so forth. Costumes and makeup make the game more enjoyable. It's one thing to say "I am playing a goblin," and it's another to be decked out with green skin and a crooked nose. It makes it easier to act your part if you and the other players look something like the characters you are portraying.

Do you guys think this stuff is *real*?

No. It's an exercise in acting and a game. We encourage people to play the game with dedication and enthusiasm, and the best players are the ones who act as though it’s real, but there are no illusions that what happens at a Knight Realms event is anything other than pure fiction.

I know you said it's safe. What about accidents?

There is a First Aid kit on site at all times, and some of the staff have First Aid or EMT training. In addition, the staff is in contact with the local park ranger in case of severe emergencies. Generally speaking though, accidents are far and few between and in almost a decade, our most severe yet uncommon accidents tend to be along the lines of a sprained ankle. It seems to us, that playing a traditional sport, like football or street hockey is far more risky.

Can I contact someone on-site if I need to?

Yes. You can reach the director, James Kimball, on his cell phone at 908-917-7120. He may need to track the person you're looking for down, but it can be done.

Where do you play?

Knight Realms is fortunate enough to own its own site, named Camp Shehawqua, located in Sparta, NJ - about 15 minutes north of Dover, NJ, on I-80.

I am used to this kind of activity, and I want to play. Are your rules online?

Yes. The ruelbook is a PDF that you can view online, download to your computer, or download to your reading device (Kindle, iPad, Tablet, phone, etc.).

I have a character from a similar organization. Can I bring it into Knight Realms?

While you are welcome to bring the concept for your character into Knight Realms, "character transfers" from other organizations are not allowed. We do not bring in PCs with skills, powers, and experience from another organizations into Knight Realms with those abilities intact, or even reduced - everyone starts out at the beginning. This keeps it fair for all players, and also allows you to build a full background within the world of Knight Realms, not trying to force your character's story to fit to an already existing background.


Can children play?

The minimum age for members is 14 years of age. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 that are accompanied by an adult are welcome, but must be supervised.  Children under the age of 10 are not allowed at Knight Realms.  (For more information, please read the the Knight Realms Policies page.)

Wait... Parents can participate?

Sure, why not?  Some of our best members are parents of youth members. Granted, not everyone will want to be active and participate in the combat aspect of the game. However, there are plenty of opportunities for parents to be as active as they want in the game, or behind the scenes and helping run the organization (cooking, etc.). We highly encourage parents to be involved in the game. Not only do they get to be active and involved with their kids, but they get to have fun, too! As one players once said, "Some of the kids here are in their 40s...". We also encourage parents to check out our Parent's Info Page.

I'm of the legal drinking age. Can I bring a bottle of wine to make my Knight Realms experience more authentic?

No. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited. There are several reasons why, but the most important is that Knight Realms has many members who are under the legal drinking age, and we have an obligation to protect them. The policy against alcohol - and drugs - is a zero tolerance policy.

Are there any other policies I need to know about?

Yes. Please take a moment to read the Knight Realms Policies page, which covers both game-play and personal conduct while at one of our events, or using our web site.


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