You may be wondering what your child is doing when he or she comes to Knight Realms. This page is here to answer that question.

What Knight Realms IS:

  • An Acting Organization: Knight Realms is essentially a stage, and the members are the actors upon it. The costumes, the make-up, the accents - all are tools of the trade. During a Knight Realms event, members take on the parts of fantastic characters, and portraying such a character as a credible, living person can be quite a challenge. Acting is the primary focus of Knight Realms.

  • A Game: The acting takes place through playing a game, nothing more. It's an opportunity for everyone to let their imaginations run free, and to have a good time.

  • A Sport: There are some elements of Knight Realms (namely the combat) that are similar to a sport. As any sporting organization would, we check to make sure that the equipment we use is safe, and that our players receive proper instruction before playing. If we find something (or someone) that is not up to our standard of safety, game play is stopped until the problem is corrected. Any member at Knight Realms has the power to halt the game if he or she becomes concerned about a safety issue.

  • A Chance to Create a Story: Knight Realms is a collection of many stories, actually, some big and some small. What separates Knight Realms from just sitting down and writing your own story is that it is collaborative. In this respect, also, Knight Realms resembles a form of theater or filmmaking. The directors (Knight Realms staff) and actors (Knight Realms members) work together to create a story and act it out as they go. Along the way there is conflict, and the rules of Knight Realms provide the framework for resolving it. 

What Knight Realms is NOT:

  • A Cult: Knight Realms is not a religion or a belief system. We do not have codes or rules on how people should think or act, other than the rules that maintain a safe playing environment and define how the game is played. There are fictional religious elements that are a part of the story that makes up Knight Realms, but they are just that - fictional.

  • Irresponsible: Knight Realms has a strict policy of personal conduct and behavior, including drugs and alcohol. Even players of the legal drinking age are strictly prohibited from bringing alcohol to the game, consuming it during the game, or arriving to participate while intoxicated. Knight Realms also encourages players to eat properly, dress safely according to the weather, and maintain proper hygiene. To that end, links to reputable sources of advice can be found on this web site, and discussions on these topics are frequently found in the "Announcements" and "Off Topic" forums. 

We at Knight Realms understand that many parents are curious about what their kids are doing, and frankly we're glad that you care. We encourage you to ask questions, bring up concerns, and even come out and become involved with the activities that your children participate in. In fact, a number of parents have joined the organization either to help out behind the scenes (such as cooking meals), or even to play themselves! Not only do teenagers and young adults play, but people in their thirties (and older) play as well, including people who have children of their own.

Please feel free to look around this site, and contact the staff if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to become involved in Knight Realms on any level (Working behind the scenes, or as a player).


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